4 tips from Fernando Casanova for defending the Catholic faith against attacks

Former Pentecostal Protestant pastor converted to Catholicism, Dr. Fernando Casanova, released 4 pieces of advice for Catholics seeking to defend their faith in the face of insults and threats.

In dialogue with ACI Prensa, the renowned international speaker, doctor of theology and host of the EWTN series “Defend your Faith” and “I’m at home”, wanted to make these guidelines known after revealing that he was not only attacked by members of Protestant churches formed in a “rabidly anti-Catholic” way, but also from various Catholics who called him a “conservative fanatic”, “liberal apostate” and for not promoting or accepting a new “revelation”.

Here are the 4 tips from Dr. Fernando Casanova:

1. Patience

“It is not that Catholics are wrong or that the Bible says such a thing; it is about prejudice (towards Catholicism). You must have patience to have calm, clarity of mind and analysis, to reveal the meekness and humility of Jesus Christ who ultimately manifests his truth and authority, ”said Dr. Casanova

2. Training

The international speaker stressed that “training includes knowing” and therefore “informing oneself”, however, that is not all.

“Of course you have to learn and have data, content; you have to study, investigate, consult. But it is something else. Christian Character Formation; formation and practices and spiritual experiences. It is about seeing a complete package, that there is no contradiction, to convince with the word and with the character, ”he indicated.

In this sense, he said that “the word is what is said, which could dissuade, but the example, the testimony, the attitude, convince and destroy”.

“First, true spirituality: Catholic, solid, mature, sincerely humble. Then the books, studies and stuff. Allow me here another maxim: ‘you can’t give what you don’t have’”, affirmed the host of the EWTN series.

3. Testimony

Dr. Casanova reiterated that a well-educated person always “has a good reputation,” because that way “they would see in us the best possible Christian.”

Likewise, the testimony that is related to others was referred to, for example, “there can be even miraculous things, restitutions, healings, eloquent events of learning and spiritual growth.”

“I use, as is known, events from my past and present life, and testimonies from other people as well, which demonstrate the relevance and veracity of our faith and the power that the Church dispenses,” said Dr. Casanova, who added the importance of validating what was said using the correct doctrine and the Bible.

4. Holy Rosary

“This is my secret weapon. Those of us who are in this must consider this Marian prayer in a very special way. It is a devotion of great piety that awakens fervor and provides many spiritual and apostolic fruits”, affirmed the doctor of theology.

In this sense, he recalled “the Virgin personally delivered the Rosary to Santo Domingo de Guzmán as a very powerful weapon for the conversion of those who were not in communion with the Church.”

For this reason, he recommended “to everyone, but especially to those of us who are in dialogue or exposed, and to our pastors as well, that they devoutly pray the Rosary every day.”

“That they ask, among other intentions, the conversion of those brothers in question, and the sanctification of us the faithful of the Church,” he concluded.

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4 tips from Fernando Casanova for defending the Catholic faith against attacks

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