A broken toy named Juliette Lewis

VALENCIA. It is not that she has ended up sleeping under a bridge or that her life depends on charity, but it would not be strange to meet juliet lewis starring in one of those reports in the style What happened with…?, in which the current decline of people who enjoyed success and fame in the past is portrayed. Because although it is true that he does not lack work and has a brand new Kelly & Cal (jen mcgowan2014) and Hellion (Kat Candler2014), it is no less so that the actress has spent too many years going through productions of little interest or accepting secondary roles of little relevanceto the point that a recent biographical article described her as “the protagonist’s friend”, alluding to the accessory nature of the latest characters she has incorporated on the big screen.

A very different situation from the one she experienced at the beginning of her career, when her role as Lolita in the cape of fear (Cape Fear, Martin Scorsese1991) made her an overnight star: Golden Globe and Oscar nominations (for Best Supporting Actress) and offers from major directors were the recognition earned by her perhaps it continues to be his most remembered interpretation, full of sensualityeven if she understood it differently. “It is very intense, because we are almost glued to each other and I am looking at Robert De Niro fixedly. He tries to stick his thumb in her mouth and she pulls away from her. He insists and finally she allows him. After doing it, people would not stop talking about sexuality at that age, but I never saw it that way.”


The excerpt belongs to the article in their own wordsincluded in human error (2004), a book of Chuck Palahniuk (Fight club) that collects some of his journalistic works. Among them, an interview with Juliette Lewis in which the actress was portrayed as a neurotic wacko: “The important thing in Scientology, the great motto, is: ‘What’s real to you, is real to you.’ So there’s no dogma. It’s just an applied religious philosophy. And they give courses, like the ‘ Success Through Communication Course.” They have things you can apply to your life, but no falsehoods, no robotic stuff. You can see if it works or not. If it works, it works. It’s something that has helped me a lot,” he explained when addressing his affiliation to the Church of Scientology.

Indeed, things were not looking good by then. When the corrosive writer made the report, Juliette Lewis had participated in husbands and wives (Husbands and Wives, Woody Allen1992) and starring California (Dominic Sena1993), Who does Gilbert Grape love? (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Lasse Hallstrom1993) and Natural Born Killers (Natural Born Killers, Oliver Stone1994), which would be followed Strange Days (Strange Days, Kathryn Bigelow1995) and open until dawn (From Dusk Till Dawn, Robert Rodrigueznineteen ninety six).

Commercial films, prestigious directors and romances of bluebells (Brad Pitt) kept her in the limelight for a period of time in which she also enjoyed the typical excesses of Hollywood life. As a result, in the mid-nineties he had to enter a rehabilitation clinic to treat his drug addiction.

While other actors who have starred in notorious similar episodes have successfully relaunched their careers (the paradigm would be Robert Downey Jr.), Juliette Lewis was not so lucky, and with the beginning of the new century she went from working with top filmmakers on blockbuster titles to wandering around films like hell kidnapping (The Way of the Gun, Christopher McQuarrie2000) and A bed at any price (Room to rent, Khalid Al-Haggar2000) or telefims like My Louisiana Sky (adam arkin2001) or blind love (Look Nair2002).

A decision was beginning to take shape in his head that, as he had confessed to Palahniuk, had come from afar: “First of all I was going to be a singer. Before being an actress she wanted to sing. And I always thought acting would be a sideline. I always thought of musicals. In singing and dancing. And I still want to sing, so I’ve written songs with a friend of mine who. The funniest thing of all is that the lyrics are mine.”

What if he had skills? In Strange Days had sung songs like Hardly Waitfrom PJ HarveyAnd he hadn’t done anything wrong.


the friend was Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes) and the project took shape when Juliette Lewis put together a band (The Licks) and debuted live at the Viper Room, the club run by Johnny Depp in Los Angeles. It didn’t take them long to go on tour and get a record deal with Fiddler Records, an independent label that released their debut album, a mini LP titled …Like a bolt of lightning (2004).

“For me it was important to have control over the sound and the songs. I didn’t want money from others, but to earn it by selling my records and playing with my band. The operating system of the big multinational record companies is breaking down and it is not beneficial for the artists. From my experience in the cinema, I know what it means to work hard, feel rejected and be judged by others, so I don’t expect them to give us anything, “he commented to which he subscribes in an interview in 2005.

Halfway between Pretenders, Iggy-Pop (recognized influences) and Van Halen, the record worked well enough to allow them to get back on the road (they went on Van’s Warped Tour) and land another deal, this time with Hassle Records, to record an album. Perforce, Juliette’s film work had to suffer.

“Actually, what happens is that I have been working with independent filmmakers and the films have not reached the public. It’s frustrating to make an interesting movie that doesn’t come out and then everyone sees me on Starsky & Hutch (Todd Phillips2004), but it’s something you can’t control”, he assured in that conversation.

In 2005 it would arrive You’re Speaking my Languagea record work along the same rock lines, which seemed to strengthen his position on the music scene, favored by his prior status as a film celebrity, from which he was beginning to distance himself.

“Music allows me contact with the public,” he explained. “I love to greet people after concerts, while when you make a movie you don’t see the people until a year later, when it comes out. Music generates a sense of community that I like more. I don’t buy into the Hollywood machine, which treats actors like they’re in a pet store window.”

She did not throw in the towel and even tried to raise a project as a producer, entitled The Drummers, which never came to fruition. Actually, she gave the feeling of being a bit lost, but also enjoying the moment. could be verified in November 2006 at the Greenspace festival in Valencia, where he gave a concert that was a total waste of energygymnastic demonstrations (he performed with sportswear and knee pads) and a badass attitude, very much in keeping with the sound of a band that did not contribute much to the ecosystem rock hard in which you signed up.

That same year he edited Four on the Flooran album in which he had the participation of Dave Grohl (is there a place where this man does not stick his head?) and that was the swan song of Juliette & The Licks. The actress announced that she was embarking on a solo career, and three years later she fulfilled her promise with Terra Incognita (2009), an album cooked with the collaboration of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (The Mars Volta) that did not get the expected repercussion and closed (at least for now) his musical adventure.

So the girl that her father (the actor Geoffrey Lewisusual in the films of Clint Eastwood) had led to a test of casting when she was still a teenager she decided to refocus her attention on the movies, but it has never been able to recover the position it occupied in its beginnings. Although he is still young (41 years old), there are not many roles suited to him, and television has become his last refuge, with sporadic appearances on the big screen that have brought him some joy, such as August (August: Osage County, John Wells2013), where he shared choral prominence with Meryl StreepJulia Roberts Y Ewan McGregor, among others.

The series Wayward Pines Y trues and lieswhich will be broadcast in 2015, could give it another chance, but it seems that Juliette Lewis has already spent all its cartridges.

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A broken toy named Juliette Lewis

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