Alondra Bentley: “Ulysses’, by James Joyce, intimidates me too much, like most”

If I hadsingle from the Anglo-Spanish Lark Bentley (Lancaster, 1983) is the advance of an album that will arrive in the fall and that, for the first time, will be composed in Spanish. It is not the only budding project of the singer: she also writes and illustrates a children’s book.

When did you know that you would dedicate yourself to music? Even as a child I fantasized about it and I would say that at some point in my adolescence I told my grandfather that I was going to dedicate myself to it, although I was expressing more of a wish than a real plan.

What three adjectives would you use to define your style? Oneiric, bucolic and spontaneous.

What albums accompanied you while you were composing this album? I have heard a lot for example The Book of Traps and Lessons of Kae Tempest, The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows by Damon Albarn, Remain In The Light by Talking Heads, pompeii by Cate le Bon…there are many.

What can be sung in Spanish that does not have a good translation in English? Potatoes with rice, tuna with tomato, suckling pig, stew, crumbs with chocolate, spring onion in vinaigrette, morteruelo, pork shoulder with turnip greens, cod with pil-pil sauce and a little parsley.

What foreign record would you have liked to compose? Let Them Eat Chaos Kate Tempest is from another planet. I can not listen TunnelVision without bringing tears to my eyes, it’s very exciting.

What song talks about you? Actually they all talk a little about me. If I had, for example, I wrote it shortly after becoming a mother, motherhood comes with a reality check about the number of things you have time for, you have to become an incredible manager of it or you don’t even get to a ten percent of What you want to do.

What little-known illustrator in our country would you recommend? There are amazing illustrators around here. I would recommend Conxita Herrero who I love and she is becoming more and more well known.

What movie have you seen more times? Possibly Lost in Translation, I always feel like it. Also Les Enfants du Paradis, which is one of the most incredible movies ever made.

What has been your last great cultural discovery? The documentary get-back of The Beatles. I would see the 55 hours of raw footage and be very happy.

What book do you have open on your nightstand right now? The autobiography of Tori Amos, Resistance.

One that couldn’t finish? A classic, Ulysses by James Joyce, It intimidates me too much, like most.

And what transformed your view of the world? The man and his symbols by Carl G. Jung, my mother gave it to me when I was a teenager and forever changed the way I see the world.

What is overrated in our society? Any hype, things that are on everyone’s lips overnight and a month later hardly anyone is interested. Nowadays it happens constantly.

What have you learned about a scenario that you couldn’t learn from a book? That the energy of people is very real, when you are on stage and you have an audience in front of you, you feel a force that allows you to express much more and better.

If it hadn’t been music it would have been… My other great passion is children’s literature, I’ve been writing and illustrating a children’s book for a long time but there’s less time left for it to be finished so I’m very impatient to see it materialized.

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Alondra Bentley: “Ulysses’, by James Joyce, intimidates me too much, like most”

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