Amazing! Gorillaz invites Argentine rapper Trueno to sing “Clint Eastwood”

There is no doubt that Damon Albarn and company know how to give a show to their fans in Latin America. And we say this because during his show at the Quilmes Rock Festival, Gorillaz invited to the stage the Argentine rapper Trueno, who threw some rhymes in the company of the British band to Clint Eastwood.

As we had already mentioned a few days ago, Gorillaz began their world tour 2022 in several Latin American countries for the promotion of its Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timezan album that the virtual band released in October 2020 and which they have barely performed live.

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Gorillaz performed at a festival in Argentina

Well well, On Saturday, April 30, it was the turn of the children of Argentina to be able to see Damon Albarn and company on the stage of Quilmes Rock, a two-day event that takes place in the province of that country and where Gorillaz served as the main act of the first round of artists.

Gorillaz performed several new songs like “Aries”, “Tomorrow Comes Today” and “Momentary Bliss”although he also had hits that we all know as “On Melancholy Hill”, “19-2000”, “Feel Good Inc.” and of course, the iconic “Clint Eastwood” with which the group closed their presentation.

Amazing! Gorillaz invites Argentine rapper Trueno to sing "Clint Eastwood"
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And he invited the rapper Trueno to the stage to interpret “Clint Eastwood”

The curious thing about it is that Gorillaz put a finishing touch by inviting Thunder to the stage, an Argentine rapper who, at only 20 years old, has become quite famous in his country and in the world of freestyle. What’s more, despite being very pouty, he already has one of the most successful collaborations that Bizarrap has launched.

Trueno was also part of the Quilmes Rock 2022 poster and we must say that his live version of “Clint Eastwood” sounds pretty good. We leave them below for you to listen to:

Damon Albarn’s daughter could have intervened to make this happen

Many were left with a “what?” face. seeing the collaboration between Damon Albarn and Trueno, because eIt’s pretty rare for Gorillaz to invite artists they haven’t previously collaborated with onstage. in some song However, in the case of the rapper, Damon’s daughter may have been the one who made this crossover possible.

And it is that in April of last year it was announced that Singer Damon Albarn’s daughter, Missy Albarn, was a fan of Thunder. Something that further sparked the rumors of a collaboration between Gorillaz and the Argentine rapper, which began to sound in 2020 when Damon Albarn gave a preview of what was coming for the second season of the ‘Strange Times’.

“I sent some tracks to super interesting people. But I’m very superstitious about revealing those names early. Anyway, I can say that there are definitely some artists that will interest the audience in South America”Damon said at a news conference that year.

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Amazing! Gorillaz invites Argentine rapper Trueno to sing “Clint Eastwood”

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