Ana de la Reguera and the Backstreet Boys posters that she kept in the most unusual places in her house

Ana de la Reguera presents the second season of her series ANA (Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Pantaya)

The Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera has closed access to her private life under four keys. She has been quiet for some time, but she seems to have put an extra lock on him since her alleged affair with Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera has stirred up a hornet’s nest of gossip.

However, there are things that cannot be controlled. In the case of De la Reguera, it is that natural sympathy and taste for conversation. Goodness! She says it’s because she grew up in the coastal city of Veracruz, where the largest port in Mexico is located. “Seafarers are open like that,” she says and laughs, although that openness has repeatedly hurt her and that’s why she tries to keep quiet.

The artist spoke with Yahoo Life and Style to promote the second season of his series ANA. The first two are already on Prime Video and PantaYA. The third one is ready and will be out soon. “With that, the confessions are over,” she assured. “It’s enough”.

In order not to derail her efforts, I promised her I wouldn’t ask her about Poncho, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to tell her that “that thing we’re not going to talk about” has her beaming. And she acknowledged that she is “very happy. Life has given me a beautiful surprise that I did not expect.” No more was needed.

But the energy got naughty and we started talking about first loves.

Ana de La Reguera and Alfonso Herrera in Los Angeles in 2017

Ana de La Reguera and Alfonso Herrera in Los Angeles in 2017 (Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for The Brand Agency)

Backstreet Boys and Nenisima

Ana de la Reguera remembers that her first love was the Backstreet Boys. As her mother was very strict and a lover of decoration, she would not let her put anything that would “spoil” her room.

“She said we could do whatever we wanted, as long as it wasn’t seen. That’s why I ended up putting a poster of them under the toilet lid. “Every time I lifted it up, there they were watching me EVERYTHING,” she said dead of the laughter.

He didn’t get to put the anecdote on ANA, because the second and third seasons are no longer about his early years. In fact, the second is his professional life in Mexico. However, he acknowledges that there are so many funny stories with her mom that he could do another series about her.

Nena de la Reguera, who is known in social networks as Nenísima, was Miss Veracruz and is quite a personality. “I could do many seasons inspired by my mother,” she admits.

In fact, in the second season of her series, ANA’s mother lives with her, “so she can no longer be the voice of her conscience, as she was in the first. In her place I had the honor of having Carmen Salinas,” said the artist, who feels “grateful” that the last role of the Mexican television legend was in her series. “It was an honor to work with her and help me make fun of ourselves a little bit.”

Salinas suffered a stroke hours after finishing recording the series. of the ditch he feels that he said goodbye to her “as it should be, working”.

Ana de la Reguera affirms that Carmen Salinas died

Ana de la Reguera affirms that Carmen Salinas died “as every artist wishes, still working”. PantaYA

That tender acidity

When Ana de la Reguera began to make a career as an actress, she felt that she was in a job with an expiration date. It never occurred to her that 45 years would find her at the best moment of her personal and professional life and it seems that the “excavation” that she made of her memories to find material for ANA allowed her to get rid of everything ballast type.

Sitting in the bright office that she has in her home in Los Angeles, the Mexican actress and producer insisted that the story “is not autobiographical, but rather that it is inspired by my life,” adding that in the two new seasons “it goes to see a satire of what is lived in this race”.

No one hides from his gaze. De la Reguera touches agents, executives, producers, directors, award systems and actors. The artist admitted that she has gone through productions that she hates, but since she is doing well she has to endure, others that she loves, but have failed, and others in which the problem is the people with whom she meets. works.

“I think all of us who have been in this for years can say the same,” he said. However, she is one of those who thinks that “nobody takes away what you danced and each dance is worth it”.

Some of that acid cuteness also comes courtesy of Aracely Arambula, who is a friend from De la Reguera’s school and kept her between two and three during the recording. “She was touring the country with a play and we weren’t sure she was going to make it. We had plans A, B and C, but she did and we had a great time,” said the artist.

anna actress

The second season finds Ana trying to leave the series ‘Los Adames’ and at an awards ceremony, which could well be the TV and Novel Awards. His irreverent gaze skims over the difficulties actors face in the world of television, but he delivers them with his wonderful black humor and a surprising dose of tenderness.

No one is safe from criticism, not even herself, because as usual, the artist begins by criticizing herself. And it is that although the anecdotes that the Ana of fiction lives are not 100% tied to the experiences of the artist, the emotions and the lessons that the actress teaches “are real”, she affirmed.

De la Reguera acknowledges that having started a career in the performing arts when she was very young paralyzed her emotionally, which is why the first season surprised with the exploration of sexuality and the clashes with the reality of looking for work. “In this second season she will have to learn to balance the demands of a contract that ties her to ‘Los Adames’, a kind of ‘La Familia Peluche’ by Eugenio Derbez with ‘Merlina’ or ‘Locos Adams’.

In the second season of ‘ANA’, the artist also explores the romances that celebrities have for various purposes. The heartthrob in question is the Peruvian Christian Meier, who now enters the love polygon of the protagonist. She is also accompanied by Carlos Miranda, who replaced David Palacio in the role of Papasito, Pauline Davila, Paly Duval, Tina Romero and Andres Almeida.

abundance of work

De la Reguera has changed and it is not just the haircut, although seeing her without her iconic long and thick hair is impressive. The actress has transformed with a layered style and a shoulder-length length of hers. “It was hard for me to decide, but my hair was very damaged from so many dryers in the makeup room. My stylist convinced me and it was a very good decision, I love it,” she said.

“I spent seven years trying to make the series. More than twice fighting to make a name for myself in the United States, but since I managed to develop it, all kinds of opportunities began to come to me. I am very grateful,” she said.

Before the end of the year, the Mexican actress will premiere on Netflix ‘Army of the Dead: Las Vegas‘, in animation. There’s also the ‘Leopard Skin’ series, which she filmed in the Dominican Republic during the pandemic, and the project she’s most excited about: ‘Viva México’, the film by the legendary Mexican filmmaker Luis Estradathe director of ‘Herod’s Law (1999)’, ‘Hell’ (2010) and ‘The Perfect Dictatorship’ (2014).

It was in that production where he coincided with Herrera. That is to say, a double award for Ana de la Reguera and for her fans, because this stage has not only suited her personally, but also comes with more energy than ever professionally. Gain for all.


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Ana de la Reguera and the Backstreet Boys posters that she kept in the most unusual places in her house

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