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I want to take this opportunity to encourage readers to turn their eyes towards the Irish storyteller’s novel, because I believe that in our time it would be difficult to write a text like this, not only because of its volume itself —more than a thousand pages—, but also for the avant-garde aesthetics of his language.

By Sergio Inestrosa

Posted on 6.2.2022

ANDn February 2, the 100th anniversary of the publication of Ulisesthe acclaimed novel by James Joyce, which for many changed the way of writing not only in English, but also in Spanish, an example of this in literature written in Spanish is the novel Hopscotch Julio Cortázar, according to the opinion of experts.

The novel, difficult to read, enjoys special commemorations, for example, June 16 is the day the story originally takes place and February 2 (his birthday) could not go unnoticed and a series of texts, comments and articles on the quality of the work have been disseminated everywhere.

I myself did not want to miss the opportunity to add to the long list of texts on the matter. I do not want to presume that I have finished the novel, I must confess that I am still reading it, that at times it is difficult for me and it gets out of hand and other times I get excited again and I take it up again.

I am also encouraged, I must confess, by the words of Jorge Luis Borges about the Ulisesthe Argentine writer advised to read his pages in sips, little by little, and I am doing the same.

And I want to take this opportunity to encourage readers to turn their eyes to the novel, because I think that in our time it would be difficult to write a text like this, not only because of the volume itself, more than a thousand pages, but also because of the use language avant-garde.

Well, as we well know, it has already rained a lot since the vanguards passed and our time and the type of people today and our mentality and the use of daily time are very different, for this very reason I think it is worth taking the novel and facing a few pages a day, and other pages the following day in order to complete the enormous task of reading it.

A day wandering around Dublin

If you wonder if it is worth the effort, I venture a preliminary answer, because as I have said I have not finished reading the work, and I affirm that yes, since so many people cannot be wrong.

Perhaps, I think, the best strategy is to read on, even if one thinks that one does not understand much of the matter, after all, the plot, according to what the experts say, is not complicated: a day of adventures between two young men, Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus, who walk the streets of Dublin.

I dare to make a hypothesis: what is worth facing this work, is the own reading process that each one can establish, in the end each one of us will receive his deserved reward, as usually happens in literature, finish the plot, it may be perhaps the greatest prize we have, without denying that there may be many others, perhaps discovering that Ulises represents the drama of that “modern” world that was about to collapse in 1929.

Ulises It is not the only difficult book that literature has given us, Great Sertón: Sidewalks from Guimarães Rosa, The name of the rose by Umberto Eco, 2666 by Roberto Bolaño, Hopscotchto mention some that surely you have already read.

So allow me with these lines to encourage you to start, resume, finish the Ulises, perhaps we discover that it is a novel for writers, as they say of the writings of the Uruguayan Juan Carlos Onetti. Time and his own process will tell.

For now, happy 100 years (and not loneliness) to the Ulisesand long life to its creator, who has other texts like Dubliners either Portrait of a teenage artist which are completely and undoubtedly readable.


Sergio Inestrosa (San Salvador, 1957) is a writer and professor of Spanish and Latin American affairs at Endicott College, Beverly, Massachusetts, United States, as well as permanent editor and member of the editorial committee of the Diario Cinema and Literature.

The version of “Ulysses” by the prestigious Letras Universales de Cátedra, has just launched a new edition

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Sergio Inestrosa

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[Aniversario] The 100 years of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” – Cinema and Literature

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