“Apology for Nazism”: They lambaste an article in El Mercurio about Nazi leader Hermann Göring

There were several voices from the political world that harshly criticized the publication of El Mercurio that reviews the life of the Nazi leader convicted of crimes against humanity, Hermann Göring. Both the German Embassy and the Jewish Community in Chile also criticized the text of the morning paper.

The newspaper El Mercurio made a publication in its edition this Sunday about the life of Nazi leader Hermann Göring, on the occasion of 75 years since his death. In the text and the photographs, the biography of the hierarch is reviewed with references to his childhood, military career and his relationship with Adolf Hitler, which aroused strong criticism and a direct reference from the German Embassy in Chile.

The Article A page and a half, located in the “Society” section, is entitled “Hermann Göring, Hitler’s successor.” The text contains quotations from Göring himself praising Hitler, describing his “meteoric rise” and referring to him as “the laureate marshal”, along with recounting his suicide with a cyanide capsule after being sentenced to death in Nuremberg for crimes against humanity. humanity.

The publication provoked a wave of reactions. From the Jewish Community in Chile they declared their rejection and assured that El Mercurio “made an apology for Nazism by publishing in its pages a tribute to the creator of the Gestapo 75 years after his death. In Europe this publication would be a crime.

Presidential candidate Yasna Provoste argued that “lhe normalization of extremism, as El Mercurio does with this profile of a person convicted of crimes against humanity, goes against a basic principle: permanent respect for human rights».

For his part, the official candidate, Sebastián Sichel, stated through social networks: «Not the slightest space for criminals against humanity. My solidarity with the Jewish community and all those who could feel violated by the publication. Unrestricted support for Human Rights.

The candidate for Approve Dignity, Gabriel Boric, also gave his opinion on the matter. «Unacceptable reminder of one of the greatest Nazi war criminals and founder of the Gestapo Hermann Göring full page in El Mercurio. An offense to the victims of the holocaust and to all of us who have an unrestricted commitment to human rights », he published.

While the constituent Cristina Dorador published her disapproval of the article. “ORA page and a half of obituary to one of the most horrendous Nazi criminals. Nefarious », he maintained.

The former deputy and senator, Lily Pérez, also criticized the text of El Mercurio. «Unusual Mercurytoday in Society article highlighting Goring; an exponent of Nazism. For the published photos it is an apology », he lashed out.

It was the conventional Patricia Politzer who summoned the German Embassy in Chile, through social networks. «What will the German embassy think of this obituary to Hermann Göring, creator of the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police?

The answer came in the same way from the official account of the German diplomatic body. «It is not customary for the Embassy to comment on press articles in public. We just want to make it very clear: This character, H. Goering, committed crimes against humanity and was one of the pillars of the Nazi regime,” they replied.

“That does not leave even the slightest room to justify or minimize morally and politically – much less in legal terms – his nefarious role during the Nazi regime and in the Holocaust,” they pointed out..

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“Apology for Nazism”: They lambaste an article in El Mercurio about Nazi leader Hermann Göring

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