“Apology”, “fury”: storm and rejection in Chile for an article that praised the life of Nazi Hermann Göring

The newspaper The Mercury of Chile raised an unprecedented tsunami in the press coverage in that country. The newspaper wanted to profile Nazi criminal Hermann Göring. But he ended up making a laudatory account of his life that was described as an apology for Nazism, unleashed the rejection of the Jewish community in the country and put together a whole political controversy with presidential candidates included.

It is not for less. Göring was considered the right hand of Adolf Hitler and was the creator of the fearsome and macabre police of Nazism, known as the Gestapo. He fled to Latin America, once they lost the war to escape justice, but ended up being one of the great criminals convicted at Nuremberg.

In that trial, he was noted for his cynicism. He managed to assure that he had no idea of ​​the death of millions under his command, and even that Hitler also ignored what was happening. Goering, much lighter in weight than when he ruled, and free from his morphine addiction, never showed any remorse.

circa 1925: German Nazi politician and military leader Hermann Wilhelm Goering (1893-1946). (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) – Photo: Getty Images

The German Embassy sent a heartfelt criticism. “It is not customary for the Embassy to comment on press articles in public. We just want to make it very clear: This character, H. Goering, committed crimes against humanity and was one of the pillars of the Nazi regime… that leaves not the slightest room to justify or minimize morally and politically -and much less in legal terms- its nefarious role during the Nazi regime and in the Holocaust”, assured that diplomatic corps.

The Jewish community in Chile also joined the rejection. “An apology for Nazism by publishing in its pages a tribute to the creator of the Gestapo 75 years after his death. In Europe this publication would be a crime. Unacceptable,” they wrote on their Twitter account.

The newspaper The Mercury He had to rectify and clarify that his objective was not to defend one of the most shameful historical events of humanity. “It has never been the spirit of ‘The Mercury‘ make any apology or even offend the victims of the Holocaust. There are innumerable signs over time that the newspaper has maintained a critical and condemnatory position of Nazism. It has also led to the publication of books in our publishing house and conversations about this tragedy, focusing precisely on the suffering of the victims and their families. However, if many readers read this historical review of the ‘Society’ section in the way this reader expresses, it is an error of our responsibility that we deeply regret”said the newspaper.

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“Apology”, “fury”: storm and rejection in Chile for an article that praised the life of Nazi Hermann Göring

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