Arnold Schwarzenegger: the man with a thousand faces who did not shower until he was 15 years old

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, the Austrian Oak, as he was known in the world of bodybuilding, turned 75 yesterday, having had the luxury of living a thousand lives in one. From humble origins, he managed to succeed not only on the screen but in other scenarios, from bodybuilding to politics through masonry.

Born on July 30, 1947 in the Austrian municipality of Thal, he grew up without luxuries and never hid his origins. “I grew up without running water so I didn’t know what a shower was until I was 15 and joined the gym,” he tweeted in 2019.

His origins, he confessed several years ago on the “In Depth With Graham Besinger” program, fueled his determination: “I think that my desire and my desire and my fire in my belly and that nothing could stop me… I think that comes from growing up as a I did it”.

The difficulties at home, however, were not limited to the economic aspect. His father, who was a member of the Nazi party, used to beat him. “He ran after me with a belt and hit me,” he told “60 Minutes”, as published by “Hello” magazine: “He hit us because that was the tradition then,” he revealed to “GQ” in 2007. “For Back then, parents would go to school on tutoring day and beat you in front of the other kids and leave again if they weren’t happy with what the teacher said about you. It was not considered abuse then,” he added.

In his adolescence he succeeded as a bodybuilder

Being just a teenager, at the age of 14, he saw his first bodybuilding magazine. “I read about Reg Park, who was British and who became Mr. Universe and then made movies in Rome and I thought: that’s the passage!” He told the same medium on another occasion. His plan was to become a bodybuilding champion, win the same title as Park and make the leap to the movies in Hollywood. “So I dedicated myself completely to bodybuilding. Five years later, I won the Mr. Universe cup”.

In 1968, a year after first earning this recognition, he moved to California. Already established in the United States, he won the same title three more times and added six consecutive Mr. Olympias.

The first million of his fortune, however, was not the direct result of his successes in bodybuilding or acting. Together with his friend Franco Columbu he started a masonry business. “We put an ad in the newspaper that said: European masons. Experts in marble and stone. We got our first job right away, building a wall for a guy in Venice whose house had belonged to silent movie star Rudolph Valentino,” recalls Schwrzenegger in his memoir “Total Recall. My Unbelievably True Life Story.”

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He became known worldwide for “Terminator”, one of his iconic characters

The actor considered real estate to be the money-making industry, so he saved what he could from his jobs and began looking for investment opportunities. “I quickly developed and traded my buildings and bought more apartment buildings and office buildings on Main Street in Santa Monica and so on… I became a millionaire thanks to my real estate investments,” the actor told the book “Tools Of Titans,” according to with CNBC.

As for acting, he debuted in 1970 in “Hercules in New York”, a film that was followed by other works such as “Stay Hungry” in 1976, and “Scavenger Hunt” in 1979, but fame did not come until 1982. with “Conan, the Barbarian”. In 1984 he was placed under the orders of James Cameron playing a murderous cyborg in “Terminator”, a character he returned to on four other occasions.

In 2003, he was elected as the Governor of California. In 2006 he was re-elected and ruled until 2011.

His filmography includes other titles such as “Predator”, “Twins”, “Kindergarten Cop”, “Junior”, “The Last Stand”, the trilogy “The Expendables” and “Sabotage”, among others.

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He was elected twice as Governor of the State of California.

In 2003, he became Governor of California for the Republican Party. In 2006 he was re-elected and held the position until 2011. After his political hiatus, he returned to the cinema. “That was always the plan: he would leave the movie business for a period of time and go into the governorship. And then when I was done with the governorship, he would go back to the movies,” he told Esquire in 2013. “If the Constitution was different and I had the chance to run for president, I would have done it. But the Constitution does not allow foreigners to run for president,” he confessed.

He was married to the journalist Maria Shriver, with whom he had two daughters and two sons, from 1986 until their separation in 2011. In addition, he has a third child from an extramarital affair.

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With his friends in “The Expendables”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: the man with a thousand faces who did not shower until he was 15 years old

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