Arnold Schwarzenegger transforms into Zeus – ATV

In a new photo, which already has more than a million and a half likes on Instagram, the renowned actor looks like a Greek god

A new Instagram post has Arnold Schwarzenegger fans wondering what his next project is about. The image appears to be the poster for a new movie, though the actor didn’t drop any additional details. “Coming February 2022” is all the text that accompanies the photo.

The publication already has more than a million and a half “likes” and it is increasing.

What about the new photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Normally, an image like this would appear to be promoting the release of a new movie. An Zeus played by Schwarzenegger on the big screen it would make sense. In fact, the actor played a version of Hercules in one of his earliest film roles.

But the Californian is not publicly linked to any premiere that features him as the character. There is also no news that a similar film will be presented in the coming weeks. So what’s going on?

Fans should shift their focus from the big screen to a much smaller screen. And it is that this image could well represent Arnold throwing a clue about an advertisement for the superbowl.

Super Bowl commercials are legendary. So much so that some people watch the soccer event more for the ads than the game itself. And big-name celebrities often star in the commercials.

More puzzle pieces

Plus, he’s not the only celebrity to take to social media to impersonate a Greek god. In another controversial publication, the also actor Ralph Moeller he dresses as Poseidon, with trident and crown.

Moeller may not have the renown of Arnold, but his Instagram post makes it clear that They are connected.

The actor, who had a minor role in 1997’s Batman & Robin, is a friend of Schwarzenegger’s. He also starred in the Conan series between 1997 and 1998, a character that was played by Arnold himself in the movies. But these connections between both actors do not explain exactly what is happening.

It remains to be seen if both actors star in a new film project that remained secret until the end of January. Or if they’re part of the same Super Bowl ad. Perhaps they have some other reason for posting images of themselves as two iconic Greek gods.

Be that as it may, watch out for any celebrity posting photos of themselves as Apollo or some other figure from the pantheon in the coming days.

Some reasons are better than others

Schwarzenegger has been in the news in recent months for reasons completely unrelated to playing Zeus. He was recently involved in a car crash and, according to reports, his divorce ended at the end of December.

Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait too long for more clues as to what’s going on with Zeus. It will be a matter of being attentive in February…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger transforms into Zeus – ATV

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