Carlos Carrera “You must not treat children as consumers”

In his new animated film, Carlos Carrera develops the story of a girl who must save her mother with the help of strange and funny fantastic beings. The expressionist influence and the treatment of human emotions are part of the filmmaker’s signature.

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Why Anne and Bruno did it take so long to get to theaters?

With any film you are one when you start it and another when you finish it. It is an evil of Mexican cinema and specifically of animation. In Anne and Bruno the creative part, storyboard and pencil drawings were made almost ten years ago. The rest was a very slow process.

In the story he questions what we understand by madness. Why does this topic persecute you?

I wanted to put on the table how relative it is to be healthy or sick. What perception do you have of what appropriate behavior should be? How extreme can be a person’s normal reaction to a painful event? These are questions that I dealt with in a documentary short film many years ago and they continue to interest me.

Although landed in a children’s film.

That was one of the challenges Anne and Bruno. He wanted to tell it simply and include elements of friendship and filial love to balance the film.

Do you use humor to connect with the audience?

Clever humor is essential. There are people who still wonder if it is a children’s film. I maintain that it is for the entire public. We need to stop treating children as mentally and emotionally handicapped, or as mere consumers.

Using imaginary beings is a good way to talk about schizophrenia.

Creating the universe of the film was the most fun part. Once I had the characters, I looked for a different comedy feature related to a pathology.

Death is another theme of the film. How to talk about her to children?

Sooner or later we face death. It will always be better to tell them that it hurts and is sad, and that it can happen to anyone. It is impossible to skimp on contact with reality.

Without millionaire resources, how to make an attractive animation?

We established a consensus between production and technical resources. Regardless of the theme and the script, bringing drawings, sculptures or data to life so that they convey emotions makes animation an art. We do not bet on hyperrealism but on a children’s book style.

And to expressionism.

From my first short films, through The hero, is a current that has accompanied me. I like it because it maintains a certain darkness when it comes to representing emotions.

For one reason or another his films take a long time. Is cinema an act of faith?

The vocation for cinema has been with me since I was young and I see the difficulties as part of the creative process. Now I am looking for independent mechanisms to not stop working.

Does Mexican cinema have a social impact?

Despite the variety of themes, it seems atrocious to me that one type of cinema has repercussions at the box office and I am referring to the romantic comedy, which is the least similar to our reality

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Carlos Carrera “You must not treat children as consumers”

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