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Leon’s departure comes a week after the former CEO of Celsius, Alex Mashinsky, announced his departure from the company. All this occurs in the midst of the investigation derived after the company declared bankruptcy.


  • Daniel Leon, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Celsius, leaves the company
  • Alex Mashinsky, who was CEO of Celsius
  • Bankruptcy investigations continue

The co-founder and chief strategy officer for Celsius NetworkDaniel Leon, apparently would have resigned from the crypto payment company today, becoming the next manager to leave his position after the departure of the company’s former CEO.

Another manager leaves Celsius

According to published information through the middle CoinDesk, Leon’s departure comes amid the bankruptcy proceedings he is currently facing Celsius, reason for which there is an ongoing investigation by the office of the US Trustee duly authorized by the corresponding court.

Although at the moment there are not many details about Leon’s departure, this new fact confirms that the situation of Celsius It could be much more delicate than what the company has shared through its official channels. In this sense, the office of the US Trustee and some creditors have claimed that they really do not know the current state of the company’s finances.

This fact occurs in the midst of the plans that he would be developing Celsius to address the difficult financial situation you are currently facing. Certain reports suggest that among the recovery plans would be the issuance of tokens called IOU to compensate affected customers.

The departure of the CEO and the associated irregularities

As previously mentioned, this development comes a week after Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius, announced his departure from the company after submitting his letter of resignation.

In the document in question, Mashinsky wrote:

“I have chosen to step down from my role as CEO of Celsius Network today… However, I will continue to keep my focus on working to help the community come together behind a plan that will deliver the best outcome for all creditors, which is what I have been doing.” since the company declared bankruptcy.

However, some reports that emerged recently pointed to the former CEO of Celsius would have withdrawn about $10 million from the company before it filed for bankruptcy. Specifically, the extraction of the capital in question took place weeks before the company froze client funds.

Although Mashinsky would have alleged that the extraction of this capital had to do with the payment of tax obligations at the state and federal level, the measure generated a lot of suspicion among the affected users after what happened to Celsius.

According to the bankruptcy filing filed by Celsius, The firm admits to having a deficit of USD $1,190 million in its balance sheet. That document it showed that the company had $4.3 billion in assets and $5.5 billion in liabilities.

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Celsius co-founder and chief strategy officer, Daniel Leon, leaves his position at the company – DiarioBitcoin

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