Clint Eastwood does us good

Clint Eastwood

Yes, I am quite sure: this long man, with a virile beauty visible at the age of ninety, improves the world. Born in San Francisco, California, he walked like a rock because his father, an accountant, made a living wherever he could: it was the ’30s, the Great Depression.

Clinton Eastwoodas he was named, also began to find his way in many ways in youth: a truck driver one time, another in the Navy, something here and something there, until he auditioned for Universal and they gave him small and sporadic roles in the cinema.

It was there that over time he would become a major film director, awarded many times, classic narrator of a dry poetry, that of his signature, with a traditional way of counting and, at the same time, strangely different. Without the premeditated courtship of the public -tough stories with funny flashes to breathe for a moment-, this superior artist who plays the leading role in his works -the word is not too big for him, on the contrary- carries with him great art, where it resides: a irreplaceable emotion. We talk about The unforgivables, Mystic River, million dollar babyand the shocking Changeling, very inspired Angelina Jolie, The mulea whole corpus that expands during a good part of the 20th century and the already spent 21st century, problematic and feverish as in the devastating tango.

In the beginning was the western.

He was chosen for the role of the series -those that had not yet reached color television- Rawhide (Rawhide). The West and a whipping vigilante. The popularity aspect of it began. The move to Europe, led by director Sergio Leone, author of the spaghetti western. The filming lowered the budgets and locations were sought in Spain, Malaga and Almeria; towns and streets that were built like in the “old west” still leave tourists surprised (one day they will return, I suppose; and I believe, I have seen it). They made Clint Eastwood a world star as an actor.

Leone recreated the whole cinema: the other side of the dollar, the good, the bad and the ugly, For a bunch of dollars they launched the Californian and the character from those films to the stars, that nameless man from those films that smelled of sweat, chewed tobacco and betrayal, along with the music of the undoubtedly immortal Ennio Morricone.

Clint Eastwood in a scene from Sergio Leone's western "For a bunch of dollars". Ennio Morricone's music was key to the success of the film
Clint Eastwood in a scene from Sergio Leone’s western “For a Fistful of Dollars.” Ennio Morricone’s music was key to the success of the film

Sergio Leone used to say of Clint Eastwood, who put together his character in a personal way, poncho, spurs, cigar, that as an actor he had two gestures: with a hat and without a hat. And that, perhaps, made him build an economic mode of action. A joke, yes, or a way to build the actor’s craft with another technique. It was not yet going to be him who was going to direct his stories in the cinema for our admiration and our happiness, but it was not far off.

I do not want to leave aside Harry Callahan, the policeman without rules, lonely and furious always with his Magnum 44 in search of perversion and criminality by hook or by crook. Directed by the great Don Siegel, not giving a damn about political correctness. Because, since we are, It must be said that Clint Eastwood is conservative, vote Republican and break the scheme that only progressives and social denouncers in art belong to a comfortable left and are true artists: there is a lot of injustice, repulsive racism, violated childhood, pain in the world in each and every one of the movies of Clint Eastwood. Without exception, there are great creators and slops on both sides.

We are waiting for it.

It’s that the next one from Clint is coming, cry macheither. Director and actor. He is filming and many are happy that he arrives. He just looks a bit stooped but not like very old men but like very tall men, his new film will do us good. He will give us another way of living, the maximum art, and separate us from so much disorientation, vulgarity and clumsiness. It is true that each era has its disaster, but each of them also has someone capable of keeping us away, of doing us good.

We wait, cry male.


The 90 years of Clint Eastwood: Westerns, a great work as a director, hidden romances and forceful political opinions

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Clint Eastwood does us good

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