Clint Eastwood turns 92: his best movies

Clint Eastwood turns 92 this Tuesday, a good time to remember his five memorable performances among the extensive filmography of the American filmmaker. Since his beginnings with westerngoing through his time as a tough guy in sagas like that of Harry right down to his more recent sullen, cantankerous-guy roles.

‘Death had a price’ (1965)

Eastwood put himself in this film in the shoes of “The one-armed”who was allied with Colonel Douglas Mortimer (Lee VanCleef) to hunt down the gang of El Indio (Gian Maria Volonté), who threatens to rob the banks from the area. The dead had a price (1965) was the second film of that trilogy of the dollar, works in which Eastwood was placed under the orders of the spaghetti western genius, Sergio Leone.

‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ (1966)

Another of the most watched and acclaimed westerns in film history, which ended up launching Eastwood to stardom. It tells the story of the Blond (Eastwood), a bounty hunter; of Judgment (Lee Van Cleef), a hitman who becomes a Sergeant in the Army of the North, and Tuco (Eli Wallach), a petty thief.

After introducing each of the protagonists, the third of the films in the aforementioned trilogy of the dollar tells how cross the paths of both in search of a hidden treasure. The film today is a whole classic of American Wild West cinema and has inspired many other directors, including Eastwood himself. It is common to see her at the top of some lists of the best westerns in the history of cinema.

‘Dirty Harry’ (1971)

Clint Eastwood changed records and became a tough police inspector on the hunt for a psychopath that threatens the city of San Francisco. the film of Don Siegel it became a real blockbuster, to which he combined excellent reviews for both his work and that of Eastwood, and began one of the most popular sagas of 20th century action cinema.

‘Escape from Alcatraz’ (1979)

Once again under the orders of Don Siegel, Eastwood put himself in the shoes of a convicted expert in prison escape that reaches the impregnable prison of alcatraz, in San Francisco Bay, where he will try again with two other inmates. The film was a box office success and quickly became a classic of the prison genre.

‘The Bridges of Madison’ (1995)

Set in 1965 in Madison County, Iowa, the film tells the story of Francesca (Meryl Streep) a traditional housewife that while his family is away he meets Robert (Eastwood), a National Geographic photographer who has come to town to do a report. In the days that they live together, love arises between them. The tape meant a change of role in directing and acting for Eastwood, more accustomed to playing a tough guy than seeing himself starring in romantic dramas. Streep was nominated for an Oscar for Best Leading Actress.

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Clint Eastwood turns 92: his best movies

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