Clint Eastwood wins a million-dollar lawsuit against a company that sold a marijuana compound with his image

Clint Eastwood and the company Garrapata, owner of his image rights, have received 6.1 million dollars (5.25 million euros) after filing several lawsuits against a Lithuanian company accused of using the 91-year-old actor’s image to It seems that he supported the sale of the products he offers, as reported by the newspaper The New York Times. Products marketed with Eastwood’s face contain cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical substance found in marijuana and accounts for 45% of the extraction of the plant.

The film director, producer and screenwriter also filed two lawsuits in a federal court in Los Angeles in July 2020 against a total of three manufacturers and marketing companies of cannabidiol that used his photographs to illegally represent their merchandise. In addition, the actor was forced to charge against 10 stores on-line, whom he accused of manipulating Internet search results in which his name appeared in connection with the aforementioned CBD products.

The first lawsuit filed concerns an article posted on the Internet that contained a false interview with the actor in a medium – also false – whose objective was to resemble a popular American morning news program. On their website, they included real images of Eastwood during his appearance on the real show, as well as a series of links through which his products could be purchased. Court documents to which you have had access The New York Times state that Eastwood “has no connection of any kind to any of these CBD products and has never given such an interview.”

Judge Gary Klausner, who is handling the case in a California court, has issued a court ruling after Mediatonas UAB, the company that owns the websites on which the false stories about the actor appear, did not respond to one of the summons to which he should have attended in March. Eastwood and Garrapata have finally received the 6.1 million, in addition to approximately 95,000 dollars (81,700 euros) in legal fees thanks to the permanent court order that blocks the future use of the name of Clint Eastwood.

Although the court has agreed that Eastwood and Tick are entitled to compensation for this unauthorized use of their likeness, it has refused to grant their full request, which also listed defamation claims. “Additional context is required to understand what are CBD products and why a person like Clint Eastwood would not endorse a marijuana-based product,” the judge said, adding that the language used “was not defamatory as such.”

The resolution of the case finally won by Eastwood has occurred almost two weeks after the premiere in theaters of Cry Malethe latest film directed by and starring the legendary American actor and director.

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Clint Eastwood wins a million-dollar lawsuit against a company that sold a marijuana compound with his image

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