Clint Eastwood’s Racist Comments Made in 1973 Go Viral

Clint Eastwood’s Racist Comments Made in 1973 Go Viral

At the present time it is almost impossible for social networks to forget some comments made by Hollywood stars. When a celebrity makes statements that go against the grain, they are easily condemned and canceled by Internet users, perhaps forever ruining their reputation in the industry’s studios. Clint Eastwood has become the target of criticism after revealing a comment made in 1973 that has been marked as racism against Native Americans.

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Many still remember (or perhaps not so many) that episode at the 45th Oscars, when the Native American actress, Sacheen Littlefeatherrefused took the stage to decline the award for Best Actor on behalf of Marlon Brandowho was nominated for his memorable performance in The Godfather (99%). The protest of Marlon it focused on the misrepresentation of Native Americans in the Hollywood industry, as well as the occupation of Wounded Knee at the time. Littlefeather was cheered and also booed by the public; shortly after, Eastwood took the stage to say the following:

I don’t know if I should present this award on behalf of all the cowboys killed in all the John Ford westerns over the years.

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This fact went viral on networks thanks to the user’s publication @rafaelshimunov, whose video about that night has been viewed more than 1.5 million times and received more than 34 thousand likes.

1973: Native American actress Sacheen Littlefeather booed (and celebrated) by Hollywood at the Oscars before she was mocked by Clint Eastwood and nearly physically assaulted by John Wayne, simply for calling for Native people not to be dehumanized on film.

In the comments on the Twitter post we can see a huge repudiation of the words of Clint EastwoodHowever, other people maintain that the actor only made a joke in the middle of the gala. In one way or another, the 91-year-old interpreter has become the target of negative criticism, it is worth wondering if he is aware of them or rather is far removed from social networks.

The present time is very different from 1973, obviously. In those years, the Hollywood industry did not care at all about Native Americans, much less about the representation of other minorities. In 2021 we can see a change in paradigms and now we have series and movies in which diversity is a fundamental part, perhaps the most important. Notable studios such as Netflix, Marvel Studio or Lucasfilm have given special relevance to the subject, promoting productions with talent and diverse staff in which everyone is represented and heard. Audiences feel a special affinity for stories that include reflections of themselves, narrating the struggles and sorrows they face every day and connecting with others in the same situation.

In 2021 there is no longer any room for malicious comments towards minorities. Anyone who ventures to cross the line will quickly be judged on the Internet and marked until the end of time (probably). Hollywood has developed new guidelines for its consumer products and that includes the appearance of all audiences, with its goal being to make the industry a friendlier place. Hollywood still has many plans for the future and that includes, of course, minority Americans, targets with many stories to tell. The next great diverse production of this market is Eternalswith a release scheduled for November 5.

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Clint Eastwood’s Racist Comments Made in 1973 Go Viral

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