Could Clint Eastwood be Marvel’s Namor in his youth?

For some time now, many rumors commented that Clint Eastwood could have played Marvel’s Namor when he was young and today we have the true answer.

The fact that an actor is in rumors of playing a character or another within a film that adapts a work is something that is almost the order of the day. When it is confirmed that a movie is going to adapt a comic book or literature story, you always begin to think of the faces of actors or actresses that could bring our favorite characters to life. With all the social networks, this imagining what can happen is incredible, reaching even to have some assembly than another.

Years ago, when it came to make an adaptation of some superhero every long time, there were not all these debates or situations of choice of actors, since there was no means like social networks to be able to comment as much. Despite this, the big names in Hollywood were around and surely some of you have enjoyed thinking about what could happen if some renowned actor would have played some great superhero.

Although it is difficult now, it seems that the late 70’s and 80’s They were more from DC Comics, for adaptations like Superman or Batman, but even so, Marvel had thoughts of adapting certain things. Today we are going to talk about a rumor that circulated a lot on the net due to a possible adaptation of Namor on the small or big screen and that affected the great Clint Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood as Namor? Could it have started the Marvel cinema?

The first thing we have to do is be able to frame well the importance of Namor’s character. Although seen by many as Marvel’s version of Aquaman, this character has a lot of cloth to cutsince he is considered one of the superheroes who has been in the big M the longest, becoming part of the first teams that could be seen in these vignettes. This makes me have some very old comics, something that can mark the protagonist of today’s story.

When the character of Namor had his first story, Eastwood was about 9 years old, that is, the perfect age to get hooked on comics. This means that the veteran actor could have a predilection for this character, something that he made clear in a interview conducted in 2010 to the LA Times, but just wanted to make this clear. From here the actor’s words were misinterpreted since a rumor began to be created that he could having made a movie that was canceledNothing could be further from the truth.

Clint Eastwood-Namor

During this interview, emphasis was placed on the possibility that could have had the actor play the man of steel character in the mythical film that took place at the end of the 70s. To this question, the actor only wanted to announce that he was much more of Namor, since he had enjoyed those comics more than DC’s, but he did not let nothing clear that there was any project in handsomething that the fans did not believe and were feeding as a possible film that did not arrive.

A slightly different version of Namor than the one in the UCM

We have already seen how it is the version of this character that they have decided to use the study of the big M for his vast universe. The truth is that it would have nothing to do with the possible version we would have if the fact that Clint Eastwood played the character had been considered. However, there is a big difference between a project that did not give birth to the actor really liked the comics of the character and all this we have been able to know thanks to the “investigative study” that have made from CBR.

With all this, and seeing all the time that has passed, We can only imagine what would have happened if this had happened. The character’s temperament from the Marvel comics, along with the actor’s appearance and tough-guy aspect of him, could have hit the mark, but It seems that we will never get to see him in a superhero universe.since he is currently 92 years old and we do not know if he is up for many jogs in acting.

Clint Eastwood-Namor

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Could Clint Eastwood be Marvel’s Namor in his youth?

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