Crime lottery, the new series by Carlos Carrera

The Mexican director Carlos Carrera (Ana and Bruno (2017), The Crime of Father Amaro (2002)) is in charge of Lottery of Crime, the most recent bet of Aztec 7 and Adrian Ortega Echegollén, new general director of contents in Aztec TV, a police procedural drama production, inspired by those series that have helped shape American television for decades.

However, some of the most remarkable details of Lottery of crime lie in its content and its production; the police series will represent on the screen some of the most famous criminal cases in Mexico City, supported by fiction, and translated through the eyes of the Ariel winner, Carlos Carrerawho will seek to present the cases addressed by the Criminal Investigation Unit (UNIC) through a much more cinematographic language.

This is a very popular genre of television, but little has been done, or has not been done, in Mexico”, explains Carlos Carrera in an interview with MILLENNIUMwho also announced that not all the criminal content represented in the series has to do with drug trafficking.

“Almost all the stories are based in real cases of the red note of Mexico. Yes, they will find similarities, but we wanted to invent a country in which the problems are different. Although everything is dominated by drug trafficking, here we are going to look at other cases that are also part of the universal criminal world and of our country.”

Regarding the content itself, Carlos Carrera announced his particular contribution to the original idea of ​​Adrián Ortega Echegollénwhich takes place in the geographical context of Mexico City.

“When they invited me, the universe in which this story takes place was already quite built, but when the casting we began to make adaptations and adapt the characters to the character of the actors, that makes them more alive and complex […] It is a very frenetic pace of work, the rhythms of television production are very exhausted, we need to release two episodes a week. We are working on a very well organized scheme so that it is possible to do a forty-odd minute chapter in three days. I think they are well done, ”she commented.

Julieta Grajales and the UNIC

At the center of the plot is the actress Julieta Grajales, who leads the cast of the series playing detective Victoria Vargas, a fundamental member of the Criminal Investigation Unit whose objective is to carry out justice, but also to find her own place within a mostly masculine and macho scheme.

“Victoria represents many women who are working in these super-important jobs, in which they also risk their lives, and I think that is the coolest thing that can happen to me right now. She is a super strong woman seeking justice and a place in this system of men.”, says Julieta in an interview. The actress adds that her character is motivated by events that happened to her in her childhood and that now, in her adulthood, have shaped her ideals and goals.

Julieta Grajales praised the figure of Adrián Ortega Echegollén and Carlos Carrera as the main creative minds behind the series, as well as their interest in developing this type of theme in Mexico, and highlighted the possibility of working on a project that has women representing some of the positions of power.

“It’s a slightly more ‘Americanized’ project. Ahere in Mexico is one of the first, especially with this quality, and I love it because its theme is about the criminal minds of Mexico. Obviously there is fiction, but several episodes are based on real events, people are going to find dynamism in this project because it is not something repetitive, right now the series is being renewed as a concept, “he said.

Together again

With more than two decades of experience in theater, film and television, Angélica Lara is once again directed by Carlos Carrera, one of the most renowned filmmakers in our country. with whom he already worked in the Telemundo series Yankee and with whom he is now immersed in this detective and action story.

Working with Carlos Carrera is incredible, it is an honor for me. Reconnecting is very cool, he is a genius, who now brings his cinematographic language to televisionLara said.

Regarding Carrera’s work, Angélica stated that due to the filming times after the pandemic they were a bit “tight”, which complicated the work of the director, who is used to the world of cinema, where scenes do not have to be shot so quickly.

“It was incredible. Of course he wanted to work as it is done in cinema, since he is very detailedbut well, for reasons of time, we all had to find a way to work with the same quality in the shots, in the format, but more quickly, because of the way of recording on television”, he said.

The story has adult content, where topics based on real events are going to be discussed, but told very much in the tradition of Mexican legends. This first season has 24 episodes”, he stated.

Lara appreciates the opportunity that the platforms have given to the actors, since she thinks that while more projection have a creatorbetter conditions and opportunities to shine will have.

“For me it is a blessing, both professionally and personally, to be in this stage of my life, where I have the opportunity to play roles of all kinds. Even with my complexion and skin color. I’ve done roles from tramps to the rich lady of the house and I think that’s what opens doors for you. Here the important thing is to be working.”

The actress is already preparing her return to the cinema, she will premiere black moona film that touches on the sensitive issue of corruption in our country.

“The film represents the struggle of a town, in Jalcomulco, against the Odebrecht company and the issue of buying water from that place. It was a very intense job directed by Tonatiuh García and it was a great effort, because it is a true story”, he concluded.


  • Crime lottery will be broadcast from Monday to Thursday at 10:30 p.m., on the Azteca 7 signal.
  • The production is already in talks to film a second season, after the 24 chapters that are already ready.


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Crime lottery, the new series by Carlos Carrera

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