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The Luna de Abajo printing house has published a choral and heterodox book, in which the life and work of the distinguished Irish author take center stage, a brilliant writer who knew how to transform his memories and experiences into a work of art.

By Eduardo Suarez Fernandez-Miranda

Posted on 4.7.2022

Loviedo publisher Luna de Abajo, joins the celebration of the centenary of the Ulises by James Joyce (1882 – 1941), with the publication of the book ULYSSES redux. The title takes the Latin adjective redux in its meaning of «the one who is back», the one who restores, the one who guides, leads or leads».

Sponsored by the Círculo de la calle de Ulises, the idea for this tribute book arises from the invitation to a group of writers to: «join this commemoration by proposing a literary game consisting of writing a text with the style and literary intention that each author wished and under the genre that he believed most convenient. In addition, the characters and the adventures did not have to coincide with those of the Irishman’s work”, as one of the authors recalls.

Only one requirement was required of the participants: «That it take place during Bloomsday, that is, on June 16, the day on which the lives of Stephan Dedalus, Leopold Bloom and Molly Bloom take place and intersect. (…) Each author faced one of the eighteen chapters of the Ulises. There was no other point of arrival than the game and the celebration.

A certain Leopoldo Flores

All the writers summoned, each one with his vision of the Ulises and their own style, have wanted to show the admiration they feel for a work: “alive and full of humor, at times hilarious, irreverent, transgressive and excessive”, as the poet Andreu Jaume recalls.

On the pages of ULYSSES redux we found a Leopold Bloom turned into Leopoldo Flores, who had left the house: «in no hurry. Not for very early. At 9:15 was the appointment. Blindly. Gently, rather. (…) The meeting would be in the Los Encantos cafeteria, on the ground floor of the Las Clarisas shopping center».

Or the writer himself enters the scene: «I am James Joyce and nobody understands me. I’ve just been mistaken for a Swedish sailor with electric blue eyes, a yacht cap, and canvas sneakers. (…) Could he have been drinking? Have I been drinking? She, who says her name is Nora Barnacle, thinks I’m an idiot and she’s right. I appear at the Martello Tower in Sandycove. A black panther roars. Someone fires a revolver at some saucepans. I wake up startled. I decide to leave Dublin.”

Emulating the different literary genres that run through the Irish writer’s novel, in ULYSSES redux the verses make their appearance in one of the chapters: «What has the doctor prescribed / today, / greasybloom? / To eat. / The petticoats / silk violets / not yet. The / sweetness of sin. / Eat before. / Mischievous tempting / the poor / naive men? / Religion: / always going / around. / Mischievous and / soaked.

As pointed out in the «Notes (in)necesary to play and (with) celebrate», each one of the authors summoned to this commemorative edition: «has managed to capture not only the action of the Ulisesbut also, a hundred years later, a renewed pleasure in language and the multiplicity of narrative forms».

Alfonso Zapico, author of the comics Dubliner Y The Joyce Routeboth published by the Astiberri publishing house, pays homage to the Irish writer with the cover illustration, where a young James Joyce walks through the streets of Dublin on June 16, 1904.

Luna de Abajo has published a choral and heterodox book, where the life and work of James Joyce, a brilliant writer who knew how to transform his memories and experiences into a work of art, take center stage.


Eduardo Suarez Fernandez-Miranda He has a degree in Law from the University of Seville (Spain).

«ULISES redux», by several authors (Luna de Abajo, 2022)

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Eduardo Suarez Fernandez-Miranda

Outstanding image: James Joyce.

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[Crítica] “ULISES redux”: I’m James Joyce and nobody understands me – Cinema and Literature

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