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The night of Monday, February 26 will return Ash vs Evil Dead with a new season on the screens of Fox Premium Series and the network’s streaming service in Latin America.

The series, which works as a sequel to the trilogy The Evil Deadwas created by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell, presenting the next chapter in the adventures of Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), who has spent the last 30 years evading his responsibilities and staying away from the terrors of the Evil Dead. But a plague of hellish Taken threatens humanity and Williams is forced to return to his work. Take the chainsaw and kill demons.

He is accompanied on his adventure by Pablo Simón Bolívar (Ray Santiago) and the rebellious Kelly Maxwell, who is played by Dana DeLorenzo, who anticipated what is to come in this new installment of Ash vs Evil Dead.

– Where do we find Kelly at the beginning of the third season?

Kelly has always marched to her own beat and at the start of this season she has moved away from Elk Grove, Pablo and Ash. He never said goodbye. She never said where she was going. Not even a fist bump, because while Ash and Pablo are perfectly happy getting back to some kind of normality, all of that is something Kelly can’t stand, because she doesn’t know what to do when there’s no one around to fight. Kelly is a warrior in war.

So she is looking for a new fight. And the way she deals with her inability to get back into society is by becoming a bar bully, a very aggressive bully who’s willing to beat someone up for eating too many pretzels from the community bowl.. She is suppressed by anger and unease, but she too needs to stay in the fight, forge her own path..

Kelly is unsatisfied because she hasn’t achieved anything she set out to achieve and the reason she got into this fight against evil was to get revenge. But also because she was waiting for her moment, a part of her knows that the evil is not gone forever. Plus, part of her wishes it wasn’t.

Fighting evil with Ash and Pablo has given him a purpose.. It is the only thing that has made her feel that she is not lost. And she doesn’t know what she would do without it. So at the beginning of season three Kelly is struggling with that. Hoping and hoping, as terrible as it sounds, that evil returns… and watch out… it does and she is very happy with it.

– How does the dynamic between the characters change at the beginning of the third season?

At first, Kelly shows up with Dalton and Pablo gets a little jealous of her showing up with this guy. Ash calls him his toy boy. And it’s not even that.

But in the later episodes, it really puts a strain on the Ghost Beaters family dynamic, because there’s Dalton who has all these legendary stories that have been passed down from his ancestors about someone being marked by evil. Pablo still has those Sumerian tattoos, and Dalton has influenced Kelly that he wants to turn evil. and that he definitely has a demon inside him. Kelly is trying to write him off, telling him that she doesn’t know, since he’s my best friend. So we have Paul saying what about this new guy? Why are you with him? Why is he here? So he becomes a hysterical version of Three is a crowd from Evil Dead where Kelly is in the middle.

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But what’s really great about this is that the tensions don’t build up, because as the series progresses, certain things turn out to be true. Maybe they were both wrong or they were both right. But either way Kelly is in a very precarious situation that will inevitably takes her relationship with Pablo to another level.

– How is Kelly evolving during this season?

Until now it has been a construction where she finally seizes the opportunity to act by his will and finally making his own decision to say, “uh-uh.” This time I’m not listening to Ash. I’m not listening to Pablo. I’m taking things into my own hands. I’ll take care of this myself. And it’s a very special moment, I have to say. It’s really important to see Kelly have a moment of agency and a moment where she makes her own decisions, regardless of whether they work in her favor or not. He just wanted her to have that.

So I’m very thankful that the writers, who have made her come out, look for evil and actually raise the question. How far is Kelly willing to go? How much is she willing to sacrifice herself? Not only to get his revenge, but also to return everything that evil has done to the lives of Ash and Pablo.

I think in this episode after three seasons of Kelly’s determination and unwavering spirit, we’ll finally see why she’s such a hero. Why is she her own bravery, her will, and as she said she would in the first season: she will face with moves, she will face fighting.

Dana DeLorenzo on the return of Ash vs Evil Dead

What can fans expect from this season of Ash vs Evil Dead?

Fans can expect the same things that have made Evil Dead good. We have blood. We have guts, we have new characters. We have new ways to spread blood and guts, new scenes that will shock them, jokes that will make them laugh and will remain forever in your brain. Maybe we’ll get over the scene with the colon. I said it here.

We’ve got old Ash Williams with his new classic one-liners. TWe have the Ghost Beaters seeing their destiny fulfilled. Which means Ash’s fact that it has been prophesied, and that Pablo will have to fall back on this past Warlock-shaman past and Kelly will finally be able to get her revenge. I think it’s a really special item.

But there is also new mythology with Dalton and the Knights of Samaria. There are some new stories like Ash having a daughter oh my god! so in a way this season you can tie up some loose ends and create new ones.

In conclusion season three is about this highly dysfunctional family of Ghost Beaters, partly related by blood, ties and relationships, both types of families the Deadite type and the demon type. So I’m really excited for the fans to see what these creative minds have done, in a sick and twisted way to shock you and make you laugh. We will make them laugh. We’ll keep you entertained, that’s for sure.

Ash vs Evil Dead returns on February 26.

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Dana DeLorenzo on the return of Ash vs Evil Dead: “We have new ways to spread blood and guts” – La Tercera

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