Distilling Mexico by Miguel Rodarte is inspired by Bourdain

The actor Miguel Rodarte wants us Mexicans to recognize the work we do from various fields, such as gastronomy or film

Surely you remember him for his roles in Saving Private Perez or in The tiger of Santa Julia. Miguel Rodarte is an actor from Sinaloa who returns to the screen thanks to the film Shared time and on the tv show Distilling Mexicofocused on knowing where the main distillates of the country come from.

What is the importance of making a program about Mexican drinks?

Until now, there is no such program. Distilling Mexico. Many travel programs have been done, but the way we approach it is through the people who live in these destinations where the different distillates are produced.

In the program we visited six places, where we had the opportunity to learn from the ancestral, traditional production processes; the very elevated gastronomy, very elaborated by top chefs and the traditional, popular Mexican gastronomy. Also the cultural and entertainment offer, which includes nightlife, tourism and adventure. It was an approach with real people, if we achieved something in each meeting it is that it was really authentic. Nothing in the show, even though it is like a docu-reality, is programmed or prefabricated, everything happens in an authentic and real way.

We seek to invite to revalue what we have within our reach as Mexicans. The show makes you reflect on the greatness of our country, and its gastronomic and cultural wealth.

What was the biggest complication of doing Distilling Mexico?

We had the challenge of doing six chapters in a very short time. We had very compact days in each of the destinations to do the complete tours. We practically went from one state to another and suddenly we came to CDMX to change suitcases. The challenge was how to have a program that encompasses so much and does not remain superficial, establishing trust and openness with each of the guests was a great challenge.

What allowed you to make this journey through our country?

It was a very enriching process and I think the public will be nurtured as they see the experience I had with the guests. Knowing each one of the different cultures and processes, and realizing the richness and great diversity that we have, that is and will be the great learning for all. Knowing that Mexico is made up of many components that give it great wealth, we have something that unites us as people and Mexicans: distillates, gastronomy and the warmth of the people.

Were you inspired by American chef Anthony Bourdain’s shows to make Distilling Mexico?

Anthony Bourdain was definitely an absolute reference for this program. The moment when you are doing a program about gastronomy and drinks that belong to us, that the camera follows me and the interaction with people have an immediate reference with him. This is the kind of show that if Bourdain watches it, he’s going to love it.

In addition to the television program, you have just participated in the tape Shared timeHow was working on the film and with Luis Gerardo Méndez?

The challenge I had to play the character I did is one of the biggest acting challenges I’ve ever had in my life. I have to represent a character who experiences one of the greatest pains that, as a human being, you can experience and who, furthermore, is stuck in a universe where there is a desire to want to be free. At the same time, the character of Luis Gerardo also lives an experience in which, supposedly, he is in a paradise, but it turns into a nightmare. He is an extremely committed and passionate actor in his career. He is an actor who takes his role very seriously and appreciates it.

On the other hand, as an actor, it’s wonderful to present a film at Sundance. I had never lived an experience of this level. As an actor, a new stage in my life is inaugurated. That it is the only Mexican film at the festival this year fills me with pride. It is a recognition of the talent and the great passion that we have as Mexicans. It is important that we not only recognize it abroad, but also do it ourselves.

It has been said that Shared time It’s a critique of capitalism, is it?

Yes, definitely. It is not only a criticism of capitalism, it is a criticism of the voracity and the little attention it has with the people who are part of the system, it dehumanizes them. For a capitalist system to be sustained, there are companies that generate profits at the expense of the happiness and tranquility of the people who make it possible. This is the macro universe that surrounds the characters.

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Distilling Mexico by Miguel Rodarte is inspired by Bourdain

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