‘Distilling Mexico’: Miguel Rodarte and the new home of sake in the Amazon Prime Video series

‘Distilling Mexico’ presents in its season 2 with the innovation that our country has brought to gastronomy and the importance of the artisanal processes behind the most popular drinks in the Amazon Prime Video series.

Distilling Mexico is one of several Amazon Prime Video original seriesbut in this case it is in charge of the renowned Mexican actor Miguel Rodarte, who has participated in films such as A Pirate Dad and now takes on the task of visiting different regions and corners of our country to learn a little more about the history behind certain typical dishes, as well as the different types of distillates that exist here.

Mexican gastronomy is recognized worldwide both for its flavor and for the great diversity that makes it up and drinks are a fundamental part. That is why in each episode and in the company of special guests, the origin, richness and importance of food is discovered, as well as the great craftsmanship that exists behind the drinks.

In season 2 of Distilling Mexico we travel again from home to incredible places like Sonora, Jalisco, Michoacán, Sinaloa, State of Mexico and Guanajuato where drinks such as tequila, whiskey and sake are produced, but they also have a kitchen that seeks to innovate the foods we already know.

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One of the episodes that stands out is that of Sinaloa, home to one of the best ceviches in Mexico. The fact that. CV. Che.” It is a restaurant that opened its doors 10 years ago with only 5 types of ceviche and a base sauce, but over time it has revolutionized Sinaloan cuisine by creating around 42 dishes and 34 sauces. Wow, the protagonist Perfect strangers and Timeshare was pleased.

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On the other hand, sushi is also of great importance in Culiacán and more so because it has become tropicalized in such a way that the most popular are breaded and accompanied by beef, chicken or shrimp. And nothing better for sushi than a drink of sake, a legendary drink of Japanese origin who traveled thousands of miles and found a new home. That’s right, for the first time this rice-based preparation is being produced in an artisanal way in Mexico, specifically in Sinaloa.

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The foregoing began thanks to Mr. Munetama Nakashima, responsible for the commercial expansion of Nakashima Sake Brewery, a family-owned sakeria in Japan.. This particular sake has caused a sensation for its meticulous processing and product quality. Nami Sake is created from different types of rice that are characteristic for their polishing and because the world of sake is extremely diverse and there is a great variety, Nami has three in particular.

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The first is junmai, characteristic for its fruity aroma and fresh flavor with a touch of sweetness, making it the ideal companion for salads or ceviches. On the other hand, it is Junmai Ginjō Crystalline in color with yellow highlights and a subtle aroma of plum and peach, fresh in character with marked acidity, perfect for fried or grilled dishes. And last but not least, there is Junmai Daiginjō unique for its aromatic complexity of tropical fruits and delicate flavor, suitable for serving with steamed vegetables.

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Throughout its 6 episodes, Distilling Mexico provides an elegant format full of impressive shots of our countrywithout leaving behind the homely and friendly touch that allows the viewer to feel among friends while enjoying and learning more about Mexican culture and diversity, from the hand of Miguel Rodarte, the actor who has participated in productions such as Narcos: Mexico and Happy Times.

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‘Distilling Mexico’: Miguel Rodarte and the new home of sake in the Amazon Prime Video series

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