Eduardo Minett: the diamond in the rough that Clint Eastwood rescued from ‘The Rose of Guadalupe’

There are those who are very lucky and in addition to the effort to stand out, they have the charisma and the star to appear in the discipline that sometimes, choose them. That is the case of Yalitza Apariciowho after causing a sensation with her endearing role as ‘Cleo’ in the multi-award winning film Alfonso Cuaron ‘Roma’and now of the young —very young!— Mexican actor Eduardo Minett, who debuts as co-star of nothing less Clint Eastwood in ‘Cry Macho’the 39th film directed by that living legend of cinema.

Clint Eastwood and Eduardo Minett in a scene from the film ‘Cry Macho’ (Warner Bros.)

Eduardo, born in Mexico City in 2006, He did his first studies in the children’s division of the CEA of Televisa and began working with bit parts and non-dialogue roles in telenovelas, graduating to more substantial roles in ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’ and ‘As the saying goes’and has continued his acting education in Mexico and also in the United States.

It was Eastwood himself who selected the boy to play ‘Rafa’, a key character in this film directed by the unforgettable ‘Dirty Harry’ – who celebrated his 91st birthday on location in New Mexico. The film is based on a genre novel western modern, published in 1975 and written in a novel by N. Richard Nash with script of Nick Schenck (who previously worked with Eastwood on ‘The mule’, Y ‘Great Turin’ and is one of the creators of the series ‘narcs‘).

Here, true to its tradition of embodying strong characters but with a more human sidesomething that has become his signature since he debuted in Sergio Leone’s spaghetti-westerns and the TV series ‘Rawhide’, Eastwood plays Mike Milo, a man who was once a rodeo star and horse breeder.but who in his old age is on the verge of dismissal, receives an assignment from a former boss to kidnap your minor child and bring him across the border to meet him in Texas, separating him from his alcoholic mother (played by the Mexican actress Natalia Traven) and his dangerous friends dedicated to drug trafficking (although that’s only part of the story).

Set in the year 1978, the plot revolves around the journey of this pair (the old man and the boy) through rural Mexico on their way back to Texas.facing various dangers, as they are chased by the police, by the drug dealers friends of the mother and by a rival of Rafa’s father, and it is during this dangerous journey that the tired rider finds his own sense of redemption as he teaches the boy not only to survive in an inhospitable and hostile landscape, but also what it means to be – at least for Mike Milo – a good man, even if they are putting their lives at risk.

Minett has not made many statements about it, but at the end of filming he told dead line, that he was very excited to have had the opportunity to make his film debut in an Eastwood film and also, having shared so much time —the two are practically together in most of the scenes of the film— with him, learning as much as possible of someone so important in the history of cinema, which is what he wants to dedicate himself to in the future.

Otherwise, Eduardo is also a singer and was invited to participate with a vocal ensemble for open Tini’s concert in Mexico in 2019making a cover of Luis Miguelalthough he has revealed on his social networks that he ise feels closer to norteño music of the Mexican regional genre.

For its part, Eastwood declared that his wish is to die on a movie setand continues tirelessly, with a clear mind, planning his next film and prepared for everything, an example of someone who has spent six decades in this business to which he has given everything and that he has elevated it with just reason.

‘Cry Macho’ will be released worldwide by Warner Brothers on September 16.


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Eduardo Minett: the diamond in the rough that Clint Eastwood rescued from ‘The Rose of Guadalupe’

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