Élmer Mendoza talks about “Ulysses” the work of the Irishman James Joyce

The Mochis, sinaloa.- Under the title of “joyce for beginners” the writer Elmer Mendoza gave a conference recalling one of the most influential, discussed and renowned novels of the 20th century “Ulysees”, authored by the famous Irish writer Jayme Joyce, this within the framework of the International Book Fair 2022.

Accompanied by Alfonso Orejel, elmer demonstrated his passion for this novel that he considers unique and which has been a great literary influence in his career as a writer.

Joyce He foresaw it, he said that Ulysses would be talked about for at least 300 years, and well, we’ve been through the first 100 and apparently he’s still raising dust,” he said. elmer.

The writer He said that sometimes a novel becomes famous because of the noise, because of the scandal that is made when it is published. “Ulysses raised” dust “from the beginning, but it seems to me that his permanence and the interest of thousands of readers was not temporary, especially in the English-speaking reader.”

Mendoza spoke about his experience of the trip that his coexistence has meant with this novel published on February 2, 1922 in Paris by the Shakespeare and company or Sylvia Beach bookstore.

He said that from the first chapter Joyce does not speculate, he has precise dialogues, for him, perfect, even luminous, apparently Joyce was a good conversationalist
During his conference he highlighted the great ability of the Irish to use up to 33 thousand words in a single novel.

Roberto Amezquita presents his book “Before a corpse”

“The book is about the death of my father, it is a requiem on the death of my father who died in 2018 and from then until the publication came out. bookIn the middle of this year, I could not write or say a single word that did not have to do with that event,” said the poet Roberto Amezquita when presenting his book “Ante un cadaver.”

“My father’s death was a totally overwhelming event and then the emotion overflowed to be able to say this; the darkest songs, the most secret words. She had to find a way to contain this uncontainable emotion, this emotion so deep, so dark, so difficult, the horror of death. Being in front of that corpse, from that afternoon when I was with my father in the crematorium, putting my hand on his chest and being the last one who was in dialogue with him, and then I needed a way to be able to contain that, “he said

He added that in each of the poems music comes, his memories of the requiems of the different traditions come, of that Latin liturgy to help the dead on their way and of course the musical composers who have made these monumental pieces to deliver to light the dead like Mozart, Verdi, among others.

Amézquita said that this book was the ideal way to talk about what makes such a deep knot in your soul and the sense of the requiem was the structure that gave the book.
Antonio Malpica talks about “Dust”

The writer Antonio Malpica arrived at the Los Mochis International Book Fair to present his novel “Dust”, where he tells the story of humans enslaved by an extraterrestrial race in a dystopian future where there are human beings who live in the subsoil of the planet Gibeon.

To comment on this novel, Malpica was accompanied by the writer Alfonso Orejel, who assured that this novel is a vindication of the simple things that give meaning to our lives from a science fiction narrative.

“Dust, gives us a big slap in the face, it is the portrait of the future that we dream of, which has not been a reality, it has not been what we dreamed of. It’s a very bleak vision of the future,” she said.

Dust is the precise and inconsiderate portrait of a youth that is less innocent and increasingly committed and concerned with generating a change that few writers have dared to speak of before.

For his part, Malpica said that Polvo is the story of an improbable future. It has a fantastic cut, it is speculation and it has that flavor of the distant, of the improbable. And seeks the appreciation of human culture, what makes us human, beyond what we have under the skin.

The characters in Polvo live enslaved by an alien race that forces them to produce energy. The characters in this novel are dynamic, they do not resist change. Lavinia, the protagonist, is sensible and even-tempered and is willing to change her routine to restore human dignity and freedom to the inhabitants.

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“In Dust something similar happens to what happened in Germany, because the characters have nothing but themselves. They have no chance literatureof writingThey have no music, their clothes have no color. They do not possess anything that makes us human, culturally speaking. The only thing they own is what they wear and the relationships they can enter into as a society, ”he details.

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Élmer Mendoza talks about “Ulysses” the work of the Irishman James Joyce

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