Exclusive preview of the Cupra Leon 2024, an absolute restyling that SEAT will not see

These days we have received new information about the Terramar and the Tavascan, which are future new models of the Spanish brand. But before they arrive, it will be the turn of a Restyling of the Cupra Leon. And this restyling is of vital importance because will change the design of the current model, inherited almost entirely from SEAT, to introduce the new brand identity. In other words, this is a key step for the separation of SEAT completely and definitively. In fact, one of the key points is that this new image of the Cupra Leon 2024 it will not reach the SEAT Leon, just as surely neither will your mechanical evolution.

In this advancement it shows, based on spy photoswhat exactly will the new design of the Cupra Leon 2024 in its Sportstourer version; that is to say, in its configuration with family bodywork. And as usual in any restyling, one of the key updates will come from the new bumper Forward. That it will not be a minor update, because it will remove grill main part of the radiator to give more prominence to the logo of the brand, a more smooth surface that improves aerodynamics and a spikier look and sharp. The front air intakes are relegated to a lower position and, at the same time, new side air intakes with splitter are introduced that give that sportier character. But, of course, the main protagonists are going to be the new LED headlights that define, almost by themselves, the new Cupra identity.

The keys to the new Cupra Leon 2024, a final goodbye to the SEAT heritage with this restyling

Indeed, the new headlights that are going to be released in this Cupra Leon 2024 are one of the key points. These optics with three LED lighting points in the form of an arrow are the ones that we are going to see, little by little, in all the models Of the brand. And they will be one of the key points to identify any Cupra car. So your introduction also implies say goodbye to SEAT for good and the heritage and influence it exerted on the Cupra models.

Along with these changes will also introduce a new rear bumperof course, and it is expected that a change in lighting drawing of the drivers of the Cupra Leon 2024. But this restyling is also going to affect the interior of the compact, which they assure will receive a significant quality improvement of the passenger compartment With a revised design of the center console, an improvement of the media screen and also an improvement of both equipment of the model and the driving assistance systems. Cupra wants to take this model one step further in terms of overall quality.

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The Cupra Leon 2024 It is expected to hit the market early next year 2024and not only with the changes that we mentioned before but also with a sportier fit of its chassis. Actually, this model has been a benchmark in terms of dynamism for years, but throughout its latest launches Cupra has shown that can still give more of itself in the set-up. And we must take advantage of the fact that the brand is going to be forced to introduce 2.0 TSI engine a system of micro hybridization. That perhaps it will not make it increase in power compared to the 300 hp and 310 hp it already offers, but it will change the behavior slightly.

At the mechanical level, the most relevant changes that will affect the Cupra Leon 2024 range have to do with the plug-in hybrid versions. The regulations that apply in European territory also affect this evolution, and one of the key points is in increase autonomy in purely electric mode that the Cupra Leon 2024 can offer. We do not know exactly how far they will take their autonomy, but we can take it for granted that the 60 kilometers offered by the current version of the model will be exceeded.

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Exclusive preview of the Cupra Leon 2024, an absolute restyling that SEAT will not see

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