Fernando Casanova spoke about his retirement from football:

With 20 years of experience in the First Division, the popular “Varilla” Casanova put an end to his sports career.

Moments when he had to lift the interior cup in 2018.

Many agree that the time to leave the competitive practice of soccer, whether at a professional or amateur level, is when the player loses that passion, the motivation to get up every day to go to training. When that moment arrives, it is the indicator that it is the exact time to “hang up the boots”.
A matter of days ago, Fernando Casanova, that lanky defender who had the right timing, made the decision to leave football after a 20-year career at First Division level.
The popular “Varilla” spoke with El Acontecer and told us how his departure from the courts was taking shape.
“At the beginning of years I had decided to play this season and leave. The days went by, training sessions, matches and my body told me no; I didn’t feel like training. It hadn’t happened to me before. I was always looking forward to going to practice.”


Fernando debuted in First in Wanderers, in 2001, under the technical direction of Roberto Pirulín Gómez, who recently passed away.
The following year he had his first call to the senior team of Durazno, a jacket that he defended for more than 15 years.
Casanova spent a year in professional football, where he defended the jersey of Fénix, the Capurro neighborhood team.
He also knew how to play in the neighboring city of Trinidad, where he defended Porongos, from Flores, to later return to the local arena and play in Artigas.
His last team was Unión Juvenil, with whom he played the Club Cup this year and the first date of the Ciudad de Durazno in the First Division, a match against Racing, this being his last official game.

Title and captaincy

In 2018, Durazno obtained its last championship in the interior, an achievement obtained playing at home in the Silvestre Octavio Landoni (SOL) stadium, against the Lavalleja team.
The captain of that team was Fernando Casanova, on a night that will remain in the most beautiful of his memories.
Asked about that day, Saturday March 31, the “Varilla” highlighted “the important thing was the group over the individual”, clearly painting the kind of person he is, prioritizing the team and not the personal.
He argued that “it is difficult to win a championship” and that title number 11 will be given real value for the most successful in the interior “later on”.
In addition to that title with the glorious Roja del Yí, Casanova was also a participant in the 2010-2011 title, obtained playing as a visitor in the city of Salto.

“I enjoy playing football with friends”

His departure from the courts does not imply that Fernando has “forgotten” about the icing and does not want to know anything more about “that love” that had him “hooked” for more than 20 years.
Now he takes advantage of his free time to go play soccer tennis with the midday bar, a group made up of former soccer players with an outstanding career, such as Hamlet Caballero, Alejandro Topo Cortazzo, Ricardo Álvarez, Danilo Cazuriaga, Javier Frugoni, Alejandro Aranda, Víctor Hugo Ayala Godoy, among others.
“Now, without the responsibility of going to training every day, I enjoy playing soccer with friends,” he said.

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Fernando Casanova spoke about his retirement from football:

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