Fernando Casanova surprises with an announcement about the future of his Catholic ministry

The former Protestant pastor converted to Catholicism, Dr. Fernando Casanova, announced in a video that he has seen “the need to reformulate” various aspects of his Catholic apostolate and apologized for the expressions made on social networks that fostered “discord.”

“I see myself in the need to reformulate some things of what my ministry has been until now. This is for the good of many brothers who are sincerely concerned about the discord that has been occurring between us due to expressions of this server on social networks, and even in face-to-face and virtual presentations that I have had in some communities,” he said at the beginning. of the video the theologian and university professor, who has been a host on several television programs on the Catholic network EWTN.

And he added: “I have been guilty of fomenting discord between us by being disrespectful, ironic and mocking at times, because my work should have been fair and serene giving a good example, motivating and teaching, which was what I had to do. I even had to take advantage of the crises that are happening to train, to expose the doctrine and inspire the evangelizers and all my brothers in general”.

On April 8, the Bishop of Knoxville (United States), Bishop Richard F. Stika, reported in a statement that Fernando Casanova and two other Catholic preachers could not preach on behalf of the Catholic Church in their jurisdiction. The statement was released after the “Sentinel Catholic Congress” was announced for May 28, 2022 at the Chattanooga Convention Center, in which Casanova would participate.

“None of the speakers at this event requested prior approval from the Diocese of Knoxville or the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul to advertise their event as a ‘Catholic Congress,'” the bishop’s message reads.

The statement explained that the absence of the permit was due to the fact that the preachers were invited by members of the Hispanic community in Chattanooga. This community “had been inspired by its previously approved events, which had no indication of error and seemed to be completely in union with the Catholic Church and the Magisterium,” the text adds.

However, Bishop Stika indicated that “these speakers have recently spoken disapprovingly of Pope Francis and have mischaracterized the Catholic faith.”

Casanova had previously made some critical and ironic comments on social networks, especially through Twitter, about some Church authorities or about the danger of “progressivism” in the Church.

In his video message, Casanova assured that “I have been praying and consulting with members of my family and priest friends”, and from this he made “7 decisions about his Catholic ministry of evangelization”.

The future of Fernando Casanova

These are the 7 decisions of Dr. Casanova:

  • “I will not travel to preach again, that is, I will not make public presentations of any kind or participate in virtual activities in your communities.”

  • “I will not participate in broadcast media such as radio and television. Some stations ask me for materials, but I don’t want exposure now.”

  • “I will not accept interviews of any kind and from any medium.”

  • “My participation in social networks will be limited to a minimum.”

  • “I will only publish teachings on my YouTube channel, because I study a lot and I believe that I must share what I always learn for the doctrinal formation of the brothers and their spiritual edification.”

  • “I will not respond to messages that denounce things about me or my evangelizing brothers or that ask for my opinion on situations in the Church and our communities or that ask about personal matters of mine or of others.”

  • “I will review these points again next year for Holy Week 2023 and I will do it again by consulting you in the presence of God and by consulting my family.”

Final reflection

At the end of the video message, Dr. Casanova stated: “From now on I am not an example of anything. Let it be clear that I am a simple layman and that I am a great sinner. So for my many sins and miseries I beg the Lord for his Mercy.

“I beg you to forgive me for not having given you the example of sanity and Christian maturity that I should have given. Forgive me, I repeat, because it comes out of my chest and, being very sincere, forgive me for not having given you the best example of sanity and Christian maturity, ”he limited.

On the other hand, he was grateful to have a “beautiful community” on social media with which he studies the Bible.

“I am very interested and moved by the interest of the brothers in the Scriptures, in our doctrine. I am also excited that other brothers are reaching out to the church and that is what motivates me,” he said of his apostolate.

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Fernando Casanova surprises with an announcement about the future of his Catholic ministry

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