‘For a Fistful of Dollars’: the legendary ‘spaghetti western’ that Clint Eastwood had to do because he couldn’t work in the United States

The incredible story of how the actor went to Spain to become the man with no name and an absolute legend of cinema. Sergio Leone’s classic can be seen tonight in the Days of classic cinema in La 2.

The movie that officially started the Spaghetti Western genre, one of the key genres in the history of cinema. A film that gave rise to a legendary trilogy of Western and Italian cinema, and also completely launched the career of his star, one of the best filmmakers of all time and an imposing actor. All of that is in For a Fistful of Dollars.

The original film of Sergio Leone’s Dollar Trilogy, made up of the equally essential Death Had a Price and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, is loaded with big action in the wild west. Also history, from its filming in Spain to the fascinating coincidences that led its star Clint Eastwood to star in the film and become the legendary man with no name.

Here, however, Eastwood’s man with no name is nicknamed “Joe” in the credits, but the way he introduces us is as a mysterious stranger making his way through the dangerous lands of Mexico. The gunman arrives at the border town of San Miguel, where injustice and terror are sweeping the areaand you will have to get involved.

What to see (free and without subscription): a classic and essential ‘spaghetti western’ with one of the best works of Clint Eastwood

Two families are disputing control of the territory, through which he wanders until he witnesses an act that will change everything. The nameless man witnesses the exchange of gold for weapons between Mexicans and Union soldiers, a fact that will lead him to get involved with one of the sides, the Red clan, to neutralize the threat looming against the people.

Leone performs here a remake in a western key of the Japanese classic Yojimbo, by Akira Kurosawa. He relied on producers from Italy, Spain and West Germany to bring this new step for the genre that was emerging in Italy. He was missing, of course, the big star. His first options were Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson or Richard Harrison, but all rejected the role until Eastwood was reached.

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Harrison was precisely the one who recommended Clint, with whom he was working on the series Rawhide. In said series he was playing a more meek and conventional role than the man with no name, and the possibility of playing an antihero called him enough to do the project. On the other hand, the contract with the series prevented him from working on films in the United States while the project was still in production, so a film in Europe was the perfect opportunity to escape from that role that was also pigeonholing him.

It was quite fortunate that the circumstances were given to be able to play this important role and to be able to participate in several of the most important films in history. This first one is a powerful and greasy cannon shot of action in the West that we are going to be able to enjoy on free television through the Days of classic cinema in La 2. An essential film for movie lovers.

You can see For a bunch of dollars also in streaming, through Amazon Prime VideoMovistar+ and FlixOlé.

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‘For a Fistful of Dollars’: the legendary ‘spaghetti western’ that Clint Eastwood had to do because he couldn’t work in the United States

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