From Lourdes Leon to Lolahol: Madonna’s daughter debuts in music with a sound similar to her mother’s

Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lourdes María León, born in California (United States) 25 years ago, has just released her first single as a singer, under the stage name of Lolahol. A single titled Lock&Key (padlock and key, in Spanish), which navigates electronics between the drum and bass and the jungle and begins a musical career that is already full of curious coincidences with that of his mother, the queen of pop.

Until now, Lolahol’s career, the result of Madonna’s relationship with her personal trainer, Carlos Leon, has been focused on catwalks and fashion advertising campaigns: she has been a muse for Versace, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Swarovski, Stella McCartney and Bimba and Lola.

He has also demonstrated his dancing skills after passing through the School of Music, Theater and Dance at the University of Michigan, near Detroit —where his maternal family comes from—, in the video that was projected during the number of Frozen, on her mother’s last tour, Madame X Tour, between 2019 and 2020. Her only flirtations with music so far had been her piano training —her mother has praised her skill in playing this instrument on more than one occasion— and her contribution to the choirs in super stara Madonna song from 2012.

this first single Lock&Key It has been produced by Eartheater, stage name of the American singer and producer Alexandra Drewchin, known for her experimental electronics, who also directs the video clip that illustrates the song, where the young woman combines urban style with an eccentric touch, similar to that of her friend , the singer Grimes. At the end, she comes out of an artificial shell on the beach wearing a bikini made of strings while dancing on the shore. A scene that could perfectly appear in any video of her mother.

The musical debut has come as a surprise, since in 2021 the young woman declared in an interview for the magazine Interview that, unlike her mother, she does not have a specific career goal, and expressed reluctance to go down the acting or music route. “I know how to sing, but it’s not something I’ve worried about, maybe it’s something that touches me too closely,” Leon said. The only comment from her mother so far has been a story of Instagram with hearts and the phrase “I’m so proud of you, Lola!”.

A beginning with many similarities

The coincidences with his mother’s career begin with the age at which Leon releases his first song, at 25, like Madonna, who in 1983 published her first single, Everybody, after having trained for years in dance, like her daughter. Also the sound of Lock&Keywhich resembles the electronics that the pop diva cultivated in Ray of Light (1998), her most acclaimed work, which was conceived precisely when she had just given birth to Leon. That album, which contains such classics as Frozen Y Ray of Lightis peppered with references to motherhood and features a theme, Little Stardedicated to his eldest daughter.

The big difference, however, is in the origins of mother and daughter. While Madonna claims that she lived in apartments full of rats and ate only popcorn because it was energetic and cheap, Leon has grown up as the daughter of a millionaire superstar between Los Angeles, New York and London. And since she jumped into the public light she has tried to shake off that shambenito. “People think I’m a talentless rich girl who’s been given everything. But I’m not,” said the young woman in the September 2021 issue of the US edition of Vogue.

We will have to wait now to see if the concomitants multiply in the newly released musical career or remain a mere anecdote. So far, Leon is the only one of Madonna’s six children who has thrown herself into music. Rocco Ritchie, 22, the next oldest, born of the diva’s marriage to British film director Guy Ritchie, has opted for painting and exhibited for the first time, and not without criticism, at the London gallery Tanya Baxter Contemporary in 2021 under the pseudonym Rhed.

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From Lourdes Leon to Lolahol: Madonna’s daughter debuts in music with a sound similar to her mother’s

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