Full throttle: Clint Eastwood and his most iconic chase

Clint Eastwood, ladies and gentlemen. The actor and director is a trademark of cinema and of the 20th century. His face of few friends, his bearing and his vision of the United States have marked more than a generation. Next, we will delve into the most famous chase in his filmography.

Born in San Francisco, California, Clinton Eastwood Jr. has established a whole style of narrative. He is a representative of American cinema around the world. We know of his extensive career as an actor, screenwriter, producer and film director. Needless to say: has left us with several gems, movies we can return to when we need a “fix” of Eastwood.

The American identity is usually, with greater or lesser prominence, in all of Clint’s films. Having participated in a war -whether in Korea or in Vietnam-, having been born in lands that were previously slave-owning, the perspective of “American Way”, the possession of weapons by the civilian population, the attachment or rejection that can be generated by the waving stars and stripes flag.

That is why cars, in Eastwood’s cinema, are not a mere accessory. We know that one of the strong -and decisive- points of the great process of industrialization of the USA it was the cars. The design, planning, manufacture and sale of cars is key to the global growth of this country.

It is because of that Eastwood, throughout his filmography, he portrayed cars in a special way, giving them importance and letting them “speak”. When I say “talk” I mean what is narrative about there being a Lamborghini on stage, instead of a Corvettes of the General Motors. That, for Eastwood, already has significance, already describes, already “speaks”.

This is a gesture that makes his work distinctive. Not all directors, screenwriters, or playwrights focus on the detail of how and why characters move from one place to another through this or any other medium.

At Tork we enjoy when cinema mixes with automotive culture. And today, after a long review of his films, we will focus on what we consider the most iconic chase of his entire career.

In 1990 premiered “The Rookie”, in some countries translated as “the beginner”, in others like “The noob”. Action film with hints of suspense, starring himself Eastwood and Charlie Sheen. Shot entirely in California -rare in Eastwood’s cinema-, this film is full of scenes of gunshots and chases.

But there is one in particular, along the highway The Angelsat night, which has remained “immortal” over the years. Eastwood arises aboard a classic Ford LTD Crown Victoriafactory dated two years before filming: 1988.

This chase contains the necessary epic: high speed, gunshots everywhere, Eastwood’s frown, a powerful truck.

Then, I invite readers to see it, in full, and with good volume:

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Full throttle: Clint Eastwood and his most iconic chase

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