German Embassy in Chile rejected press publication about Nazi criminal Hermann Göring

The Embassy of Chile in Germany rejected the publication of The Mercury that commemorated the 75th anniversary of the death of the Nazi criminal Hermann Göring.

The text, widely commented on social networks, recalls episodes from the life of the founder of the Gestapo, such as his military career, his relationship with Hitler, and even his love life, all under the title “Hermann Göring, Hitler’s Successor”.

“It is not customary for the Embassy to comment on press articles in public. We just want to make it very clear: This character, H. Goering, committed crimes against humanity and was one of the pillars of the Nazi regime”pointed out from the diplomatic legation in reply to a tweet of the constituent Patricia Politzer.

The embassy added that, therefore, “that does not leave even the slightest space to justify or minimize morally or politically – let alone in legal terms – its nefarious role during the Nazi regime and in the Holocaust”.

Jewish Community condemned “apology for Nazism”

For its part, from the Jewish Community in Chile they expressed their condemnation of this publication for considering it an “apology for Nazism”.

Presidential questioned the publication: “Nazism is a criminal ideology”

After this publication, various presidential candidates reacted with annoyance, including the New Social Pact standard-bearer, Yasna Provostewho gave his “profound solidarity with the Jewish Community of Chile.”

“The normalization of extremism, as El Mercurio does with this profile of a person convicted of crimes against humanity, goes against a basic principle: permanent respect for Human Rights“, pointed out the former president of the Senate.

Along these lines, he also realized that “Nazism is one of the most extreme ideologies in history. Any apology or naturalization of its leaders or symbols, it is undemocratic“.

Finally, Provoste named the presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Jose Antonio Kastto what “condemn the publication even if it means ignoring your own family history“.

Given this, Kast on his Twitter account pointed out that “I am a firm defender of press freedom, the right to inform and express an opinion. But we have the right to criticize when the media makes a mistake by opening space to relativize the horror caused by a despicable character like Göring and the criminal regime he led“.

“Nazism is a criminal ideology, responsible for the murder of millions of people and whose actions – and the apology for them -, must be categorically condemned and not relativized. All my solidarity with the Jewish Community of Chile for this unacceptable offense,” said the Republican standard-bearer.

While Chile’s candidate Podemos Más, Sebastian Sichelquestioned the publication and requested “not even the slightest space for criminals against humanity. My solidarity to the Jewish community and all those who could feel violated with the publication “

“Unrestricted support for Human Rights,” the former Minister of Social Development assured on his social networks.

Meanwhile, the standard-bearer of Approve Dignidad, Gabriel Boricindicated that the situation is a “unacceptable reminder of one of the greatest nazi war criminals and founder of the Gestapo Hermann Göring full page”.

“An offense to the victims of the holocaust and to all of us who have an unrestricted commitment to Human Rights,” affirmed the Frente Amplio deputy.

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German Embassy in Chile rejected press publication about Nazi criminal Hermann Göring

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