How old is Clint Eastwood?

There is nothing stopping him, not even age. Although he is one of the oldest actors in Hollywood, Clint Eastwood continues at the foot of the canyon and without any thought of retreating. He has starred dozens of films and directed many others, the last cry male, released last year. Although right now he himself is not recording any film that is known, the actor and born seducer (he has neither more nor less than eight children with six different women) has not made any statement that suggests that he will leave the cinema soon.

to their just turned 92 years oldClint Eastwood is one of the last actors who can bear witness to the golden age of Hollywood, and even has become mayor of a town. So far in 2022 we have already had to dismiss to two people who previously starred in this list, Sidney Poitier and Nehemia Persoffwhile the death of Betty White put a bitter end to 2021.

Marsha Hunt, 104 years old

It was Mary Bennet in stronger than pridethe first Hollywood adaptation of pride and prejudice, and to this day she is the longest-serving actress in her cinema. Interpreter, model and activist, many of her films are not remembered by the general public today, although in her resume we find the valley of destiny either Johnny got his rifleheamong other films.

Actress Marsha Hunt RTVE

Glynis Johns, 98 years old

Glynis Johns shared the poster with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke in a Disney classic that will never go out of style, Mary Poppinsin which he played Winifred Banks. She appeared in many other films and television series, becoming Oscar nominated as best supporting actress for her role in the film three wandering liveswhich also featured Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum.

Actress Glynis Johns RTVE

Leslie Phillips, 98 years old

His voice is very famous for all Anglo-Saxon fans of Harry Potterand it is that Leslie Phillips gave voice to the Sorting Hat in the saga. Memories of Africa, The Sun’s empire either Lara Croft: Tomb Raider These are just some of the films in which the British actor has participated.

Actor Leslie Phillips RTVE

Angela Lansbury, 96 years old

Nominated up to three times for the Oscar Awards as a supporting actress (for dying light, The portrait of Dorian Gray Y the messenger of fear), the American Film Academy decided in 2013 to award him the Honorary Oscar. And it is not for less, because Angela Lansbury is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. Her last appearances have been in Mary Poppins Returns Y buttonsboth also with the participation of another veteran, Dick Van Dyke.

Actress Angela Lansbury RTVE

Dick Van Dyke, 96 years old

He had his own comedy series in the 1960s, The Dick Van Dyke Showand went down in Disney history as the chimney sweep Mary Poppins, in whose sequel he appeared again. At 96, the comedic actor like A kiss for Birdie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Y Night in the museum He is in great physical shape.

actor Dick Van Dyke RTVE

Eva Marie Saint, 97 years old

Their Oscar for the law of silence makes Eva Marie Saint the oldest Hollywood award-winning actress. The tape was exactly his film debut. later premiered Exodus with Paul Newman or with death on his heelsthe alfred hitchcock classic which co-starred Cary Grant.

Actress Eva Marie Saint RTVE

Mel Brooks, 95 years old

The producers, The mystery of the twelve chairs, hot saddles, young frankenstein… Mel Brooks directed and wrote great comedies for decades, a genre in which he also excelled as an actor. can boast of having an Oscar, three Tonys, three Grammys and four Emmysmaking him one of the few people to get hold of one of each (like Audrey Hepburn, whose biopic is being prepared). This circumstance is known as EGOT.

Comedy genius Mel Brooks RTVE

Gene Hackman, 92 years old

Five times Gene Hackman has been nominated for an Oscar. He got the award for The French Connection Y The unforgivablesalthough he resisted with Bonnie and Clyde, I never sang for my father Y Mississippi Burns. Of course, famous movies have many more than those recognized by the Academy. An example? The Poseidon Adventure, Young Frankenstein, Superman either The Tenenbaums.

Actor Gene Hackman RTVE

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How old is Clint Eastwood?

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