“I am afraid of those big words that make us so unhappy. The greats are gone, but the great words remain” James Joyce | Daily Chronicle

The days go by trapping us in a spiral of contradictions, which leaves us glued to its design as if it were a social web built especially for that purpose.

Everyday paradoxes splashing, like loose tiles, with each step we take… Constant question marks linking the uncertainties in which society is immersed… Outfits that dress us in what we are not, undressing us in what we are.

Paul Valéry used to say that: “One is born several and only one dies” Dr. Jaime Barylko reflects on this: “To be born several is to come into the world with multiple potentialities. But then the education, the career, the so-called necessities of life appear and you get smaller. You are wasting away in only one, more and more specialized in that only one, and the others that you could have been are dying. And then it is when one becomes a thing, a noun”.

Could it be for this reason that society reifies its members more and more by curtailing their potentialities, leaving them reduced to “only one” and, in so many cases, many do not even constitute themselves in that?

Is it because we specialize in twisting the arrow of what is necessary so that it never hits the target of what is possible, in a reality that has replaced creators with critics, in an unfinished substitution of the useful for the useless, the distinguished for the vulgar and the exemplary for the perverted?

Meanwhile, the fire of life that burns in our veins dries up, urging us to look further, higher, going beyond the overwhelming middle ground, the poor words, the unstoppable fears…

Die alone! Condemned to the exile of their own singularity, of exclusive interiority, cut off the wings that would allow us to fly over the rough, aspiring to luminous spaces…

With what will we cut that chain of absurdities that ties us, levels us, to the common denominator of frustrations, relegating us to the space that others tell us to occupy, to finally end up dying “only one”?

Daily experiences are constituted in that transience of moments with whose sum we build our history while we are enjoying or suffering framed in the portrait of our existence.

Finally we are that, brevity of events in a fleeting traffic, increasingly wasted, inevitably walking towards the departure station…

We are our own prologue moving towards its epilogue. We are beginning and end, arrival and departure, a presence condemned to finally be an absence… So many existential miracles overshadowed by the contempt for life that we see daily revealed in multiple forms and meanings…

Dr. Jaime Barylko says: “There are elements of growth and others of decline in civilization. This is what we have to distinguish, if we transmit shell or grain, models of noble, beautiful, sensitive and fruitful life.

Civilization is, first of all, the desire for coexistence. The most advanced nations, strangely very rebellious and revolutionary in some aspects, nevertheless preserve the order of customs, of respect for the other, that foundation of civilization that consists in not being as you want but as you should…” .

In order not to continue condemned to “die alone”, perhaps it will help us to reflect on the thought of Urs Van Balthasar when he stated: “We have failed on the sandbanks of rationalism. Let’s take a step back and touch the rock of mystery again.”

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“I am afraid of those big words that make us so unhappy. The greats are gone, but the great words remain” James Joyce | Daily Chronicle

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