I’m not afraid of Donald Trump: Neal Adams

Querétaro.- Cartoonist Neal Adams assured during Conque 2019 that he is not afraid of the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Among the corridors of San Garabato, an area of ​​Conque dedicated to comic and graphic novel artists, is the American cartoonist. Calm and absorbed in drawing him, he outlines the features of his characters, as if he were in his own studio and no one was looking at him.

Dazzled by this scene, his fans crowd around him admiring his creations, whose price does not stop them from buying the work of this artist, who in the 70’s revitalized Batman by restoring his dark nature.

“How are you?” a journalist asks as he approaches his table. “Well, I’m sitting here drawing… and people pay me for it,” jokes Adams.

After confessing that Wonder Woman is his favorite DC movie, and expressing his disgust with the new Joker movie, which he considers “a very strange selection for the Joker, I don’t understand it; I think he’s moving a lot away from the traditional Joker,” Adams talks about the new generation of creators, and shares his perspective on the future of the comics industry.

-Following the “Do it yourself” idea, many creators have started to make their own editors, what do you think about it?

-You can’t, it’s very difficult. There are very few people who are good enough to make good quality comics. Everybody thinks they can do everything, and it’s not true, I wish it were so, and that everyone’s dreams would come true (laughs)… but the reality is that many works are shit because there are not good enough artists, and those that exist are widely scattered.

-How do you perceive the future of the comic industry?

They have to understand that we (comic artists) are going to rule the world (laughs). Everything we do is positive, it’s good for children, for adults, it’s also entertaining (…) comics are for everyone, and they’re done for reasons of peace; no one gets hurt, people don’t die in comics; well, from time to time (laughs)… but they don’t really die.

What better world than one where our best young creators and artists can transmute and move to entertain others, without the need to go to war and hurt people and children.

-As in the Marvel comic, some citizens of New York complain to the superheroes, including Spider-Man, why they didn’t do anything during 911, and Spider-Man replies that they never imagined that something like this could happen: Do you think that comics need to take real life stories and involve superheroes in these stories?

Are you telling me that the comic should attack Donald Trump for being the monster that he is, and tell the truth about what is currently happening?

– Yes, I think definitely; every day and not just him. I think the responsibility of the comic is to tell the truth. Maybe other people don’t want to say it but maybe they can’t because they’re afraid to do it because they could lose their jobs, and maybe they’re also afraid of Donald Trump… I’m not afraid of Donald Trump.

In the first issue of Captain America, the superhero appears punching Adolf Hitler in the face: Do you think Batman should appear punching Donald Trump?

-Yes, urgently. Right now, now! (laughs)

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I’m not afraid of Donald Trump: Neal Adams

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