Influence of Richard Harrison on businessmen

Richard Harrison

The most famous pawn shop has lost its boss Richard Harrison

The reality show channel’s most recognized HistoryPawn Stars” (The price of history), is grieving. On Monday the 25th of the current month, Rick Harrison He announced the death of his father on his Instagram account. Richard Harrison, popularly known as “The Old Man”. The television series was broadcast from Las Vegas, whose first season began on July 10, 2009, in the program, in addition to the late Richard, were his son Rick, his grandson Corey and Austin “Chumlee” Russell.

Rick wrote about his father: “Richard Benjamin “The Elder” Harrison passed away this morning surrounded by his loved ones. He will be greatly missed by our family, the “Gold & Silver Pawn” team and fans around the world. He was my hero and I was lucky to have a very cool “old man” for a father.[…]He lived a very full life and through History’s TV show “Pawn Stars” he touched the lives of many people in the world. […]”.

A representative for Harrison confirmed the news of the patriarch’s death by attributing his death to Alzheimer’s disease. Parkinson’s. Richard Harrison was an ex-marine and moved his family to Las Vegas with dreams of a fresh start, and there he opened the pawn shop.”Gold&Silver” in 1988, but his business achieved fame after the launch of the program broadcast by History Channelit reflects the daily activities of the store.

The irreparable loss shocked thousands of fans. “The grumpy but balanced profile of the grandfather resembles the day to day of the company. As in the series, we bosses live in a world influenced by Richard Harrison“, comments the director of My Press, Serge Carawho every year visits “Pawn Stars” after the coverage of Mexican companies at CES.

Undoubtedly, the teachings transmitted through the television series have been considered in the business environment. The basic concept is the evaluation of each object that enters through the door of the pawnshop; many try to sell or barter the offered item to a member of the team, and of course get the highest possible price.

Market value, supply and demand, original or imitation are some of the issues to be faced by each of them, they should always be alert, ask the right questions or go to an expert when the situation requires it, whenever the house of pawn is the enclosure where the capitalist principles come into play: desire for profit, bad financial appraisals, loss of money, correct actions to value an item, temporality of the object, subjective evaluation, division of labor, specialization, investment risk, resale of the item and the future market are topics considered and decisive at the time of buying, selling or exchanging.

Gold & Silver Pawn will not be the same without the endearing presence of Richard Harrison, “El Viejo” as they called him with respect and affection; but his legacy will forever remain in his children, grandchildren, friends and clients around the world; his chair is only reserved for him.


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Influence of Richard Harrison on businessmen

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