Juliette Lewis, from the top to nothing and back again

His story is one of those that enchant the gossip press. An actress who had everything and suddenly was nobody. That went from being in the most prestigious galas to walking down the street almost anonymously. He has collaborated with Woody Allen, Jessica Lange, Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Anniston, Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino, among many other great names in the audiovisual industry, and even so, only her staunchest fans could place her on the map in recent decades. It’s Juliette Lewis, one of Hollywood’s broken dolls who, after a long wait, seems that the label will finally come off.

She started in the world of acting when she was little, so fame came to her very soon. In the late 1980s, when I was surfing the wave of success at the age of 14, he legally emancipated himself from his parents in order to have more professional freedom. A year later, she had dropped out of high school, and at 17, she came up with what, in hindsight, would be the chance of a lifetime: play the underage seduced by Robert De Niro in ‘Cape Fear’ (1991).

alcohol and drugs

As the journalist Eva Güimil recalls, she had to improvise on the scene. “I’m sure they didn’t know how she was going to react, if she would stay in the scene or lose her mind & rdquor ;, she confessed later. Her spontaneity was brilliant and it earned her Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. “Hollywood went crazy with her precocity and, as expected, continued to exploit her & rdquor ;, Guilil added. A year later, in ‘Husbands and wives’, she kissed Woody Allen, 40 years older than her. Of course, today, the actress is “one of the few in Hollywood who has not disowned Allen & rdquor ;, qualifies the journalist.

It was the 90s, she was young, and she had no problem being the most punk and provocative in Hollywood, whether it was in front of the camera, on the covers of magazines, or even when no lens was pointed at her. So much so that she first steps with alcohol, drugs and excesses –even being a minor– caused several run-ins with the law. He had all eyes on her, everyone wanted a piece of her fame. And that is why, as Güimil concludes, she “burned out too young & rdquor ;.

Rock band

At the end of the decade the 90s already had a reputation for being problematic and a bad influence. It was the archetype of ‘celebrity’ whose grotesque private life was constantly gutted in public. Although his bad attitude was always forgiven as long as he was brilliant, of course. When the role of him in ‘The Other Sister’ (1999) got her a Razzie for worst supporting actress, her prestige ended, and by then there was no one to excuse her. From there, her roles were limited to movies compared to “Saturday Night Live” sketches by the press at the time. She had hit rock bottom.

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In 2003 he swerved. From the cinematic pinnacle she went to a phone that didn’t ring, so He changed radically: he jumped into the world of music. He created the rock band Juliette and the Licks, that, against all odds, had a tour for almost a decade and managed to position some albums in the favorites lists of various music critics.

End of decade, another swerve. In 2009, the band disbanded, and Lewis went back to performing, although this time on the small screen. Thus, his career started again: she participated in several series, among which ‘The Act’ (2019), with Patricia Arquette as the protagonist, which won her an Emmy and a Golden Globe, and, in 2021, the thriller ‘Yellowjackets’, another unexpected hit which, according to the unanimous opinion of critics, has put this broken doll back on the map. It seems that Lewis has managed to stop the deterioration of her career and, 30 years later, once again receive applause as energetic as the ones that greeted her after ‘Cape Fear’.

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Juliette Lewis, from the top to nothing and back again

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