Lebanon. YouTube blocks interview with Tim Anderson who criticized “Israel” for massacres in Palestine

Summary Middle East, December 03, 2022.

Australian activist and academic Tim Anderson announced that YouTube blocked his interview with the Al-Manar television channel, during which he exposed the West’s proxy wars in Syria and Ukraine and criticized Zionist massacres against Palestinians.

Anderson cited a tweet posted by the official account of the Washington DC-based Middle East Media Research Institute, which attached a video excerpt from the interview.

During the interview, Anderson noted that the US has been creating wars through third parties around the world for years, noting that Washington and Tel Aviv are obsessed with powerful Iran.

The senior lecturer in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney has been known for his pro-Palestinian stances. He is also one because of his position of support for the resistance. He has several publications and books, including “The Dirty War in Syria” and “Axis of Resistance: Towards an Independent Middle East.”

“The resistance kept Palestine alive”

Starting with Palestine, Anderson said, “Big changes are coming in Palestine,” referring to acts of resistance across the occupied country, especially in the West Bank.

The Australian academic pointed out that the Zionist entity faces internal divisions as well as international accusations of committing the crime of apartheid against the Palestinian people.

The US wages wars through third parties in Ukraine and the Middle East

Anderson stressed that the US has been waging a third-party war against Russia in Ukraine.

He compared the conflict in Ukraine to the conflict in Syria, noting that Washington has financed the Daesh and Nusra Front terror groups in Syria and Iraq and is doing the same with neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine.

The US and “Israel” work to destabilize Iran

Anderson further noted that the US and “Israel” are obsessed with Iran because it is a strong and independent state that supports the resistance.

In this context, he pointed out that the US and the Zionist entity use any pretext to destabilize Iran, citing the recent riots in the Islamic Republic.

Misleading media coverage

Anderson was fired from the Australian university in 2019 after he superimposed a swastika on an Israeli flag in a slideshow about media coverage of Israeli aggression in Palestine.

In his interview with Al-Manar, he revealed that there have been negotiations with the University of Sydney to get him reinstated.

Emphasizing that Western media coverage is misleading, the Australian academic said that anti-Palestinian powers want to silence all those who support the resistance.

The last word

Asked to give the last word to the people of the region, Anderson stressed that the only key to facing the war waged against this region is the unity of the resistance factions in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Source: Al Manar

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Lebanon. YouTube blocks interview with Tim Anderson who criticized “Israel” for massacres in Palestine

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