Like something out of the Samuel L. Jackson movie, a passenger finds a snake on board a flight

Have you ever imagined living one of the scenes of the most emblematic films of the horror genre? Unfortunately for many people, this is exactly what happened on board a flight in the United States because they did not need fiction to live a truly horrifying experience. Like something out of a Hollywood movie, specifically the tape ‘Snakes on Board’, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Passengers on a United Airlines commercial flight experienced an unpleasant and scary journey. According to information provided by the US authorities, one of the tourists found a snake under his feet in mid-flight. Fortunately, and compared to the movie, none of the passengers were injured and the snake was released.



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How did they see the snake?

According to the News 12 channel, the incident occurred last Monday. during the flight from Tampa Bay to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey operated by United Airlines. According to the information provided by the witnesses to the television channel, the business class passengers began to shout and raise their feet while the plane was already moving on the runway at the final destination. The reptile was reportedly seen by one of the passengers who he was preparing his belongings for the departure of the plane, who immediately alerted the aircrew. For their part, the United Airlines team members asked the airport authorities for assistance. By the time the ship came to a complete stop, allowing Port Authorities to pass through the New Jersey International Airport, the animal had already slipped into economy class section, causing fear throughout the plane. As the boarding gate opened, members of the police entered the cabin and easily they removed the animal before releasing it, they also reported that fortunately, there were no injured passengers.

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What danger did the animal represent for the passengers?

According to Newark International Airport officials, it was a garter snake, better known as a garden snake and it was confirmed that none of the passengers suffered any injuries as a result of the incident. The authorities explained that the reptile that was found on board it is not poisonous and did not represent any kind of threat to travelers since it is a species that is frequently found in gardens, where they help control pests. According to CNN experts from the Wildlife Resources Commission, these animals are harmless to people and usually live in forests, fields and wetlands, so It is not clear how the snake was able to get to the cabin. Although the incident was reminiscent of the popular movie ‘Snakes on Board’, it is not the first time something like this has happened. According to the Daily Mail, two similar cases are known, the first in 2013 when a python was seen clinging to the plane’s wing by passengers on a flight from Australia to Papua New Guinea and the second in 2016 on a route of Aeroméxico, on this occasion the animal was seen inside the cabin almost reaching Mexico City.

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Like something out of the Samuel L. Jackson movie, a passenger finds a snake on board a flight

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