Mazda3 or Seat Leon, we choose the best option if you think about your purchase in 2022

The compact segment has ceded part of its leading role in favor of SUVs, but despite this, it continues to have an important weight in the Spanish market. Versatile models that meet as a family car, there are many options to choose from, but today we are going to focus on two: Mazda3 Y Seat Leon.

They are similar proposals a priori, but at the moment of truth each one has its peculiarities. Which of the two is the best if you plan to buy one in 2022?


Even with the subjective that is a factor such as design, we can point out that both models more than meet in this field.

The change in seats It has been considerable compared to its previous generation, leaving aside its sharp lines to present a more rounded and muscular set, which has presence but with a character that clearly differentiates it from its predecessor.

As for ‘3’, the approach used by Mazda it is very different, opting to reduce nerves and lines of tension to nothing, leaving it to be the bodywork itself through its volumes, clean surfaces and how the sunlight strikes it, which shapes the bodywork.

Measurements and versions

Although they share a segment, the Lion it is the largest of the pair. It has a length of 4,642 mm, a width of 1,799 mm and a height of 1,437 mm, as well as a wheelbase of 2,684 mm. Its rival, by comparison, measures 4,460mm long, 1,795mm wide and 1,435mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,725mm.

As far as the trunk is concerned, the Spanish also wins by the hand: 380 liters of capacity, for the 351 liters of his opponent.

It is also necessary to point out that although both use a compact base body, both have a secondary suitable for one or the other needs. In the case of Mazda It is a sedan variant with a more elegant cut, while in the Seat it is a familiar one that increases the available cargo space.


Although the engine supply of the Mazda3 it is fully electrified, at the moment of truth it is made up of only two options, so it is difficult for it to compete against that of the Lion, which is much broader and more varied.

The Japanese can mount two different versions of the 2.0 Skyactiv-G gasoline engine, the access one with 122 CV and the superior one with 186. Both have a microhybrid system and wear the ECO label of the DGT.

The Seat has non-electrified combustion mechanics, specifically two 110 and 130 hp gasoline engines (this is new, it has replaced the 150 hp one), and two 115 and 130 hp diesels. In addition, it presents a wider and more varied eco range: a 110 hp microhybrid, a 130 hp gas one and a 204 hp plug-in hybrid.


This section clearly falls on the side of the Spanish model, since the León is available from 22,600 euros (23,940 euros if we talk about the Sportstourer), while the mazda 3 cheapest costs 26,682 euros (27,182 euros in the case of the sedan).

However, we must also value the fact that the first offers a 110 hp gasoline engine as an access version and the second uses a more powerful engine (122 hp) that also already has an ECO label thanks to electrification.


They are two options to consider in the compact market, but they are appropriate for different audiences.

The Seat Leon It is the recommended option for those looking for a more affordable model, for those who have a special interest in their family bodywork, due to the extra space and versatility that it brings; and that they need to be able to choose between a greater variety of mechanics.

The Mazda 3 is more expensive, but it is also a model that is not seen as much, so it has a greater aura of exclusivity. In addition, although it does not have an excessively wide range of engines, it has an ECO label in all its variants.

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Mazda3 or Seat Leon, we choose the best option if you think about your purchase in 2022

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