Miguel Rodarte and Bruno Bichir premiere HBO Max’s Bunker at FICG

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Experimenting with the genre and offering an action comedy not seen on the Latin American screen is the bet of hbo max with Bunkerone of his first local productions which premiered this week at Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG).

I found the project fascinating, it is a very different series from what is in the Latin American market, super risky, when I read the script I was struck by the number of subplots and how the characters are related”, commented director Joe Rendon.

is slightly farsicit is not a realistic universe and that allows all the different tribes to coexist, the kidnappers, the family of Vladimiro and Napoleon, they will see throughout this story how the world of these patriarchs is ending”, added the director.

In recent years, the trend was to film romantic comedies that connected with the viewer and generated attractive box office figures. Today reality points to streaming with stories like Bunkerand not because it is an action comedy, it leaves aside criticism of the system.

We see two characters who lead a patriarchy and their meeting will detonate a universe in which we will see much that is criticized, what causes patriarchy and the deficiencies that this brings to society.”, said Miguel Rodarte, one of the protagonists.

In fact, action comedy allows “Launching a criticism of the upper echelons, Napoleon (Rodarte) has a disconnection from the world, he is always looking outside and believes that money and business, legal or not, make him an increasingly stronger man”added the actor.

The story was filmed earlier this year, just as The second wave of infections caused by covid-19 rose in Mexicowhich represented a challenge for the production that had to adhere to the health protocols and continuous PCR tests to reduce risks.

The post-apocalyptic setting was coincidence. It is a contained series that takes place in a bunker, which allowed us to film in conditions like the ones we have today. We lined up right at the peak of the pandemicWe did it at the beginning of the year, with full protocols,” Rendón said.

“Production was always pending, tests all the time, we don’t stop because of covidalthough there were some affected, but it was a coincidence the apocalyptic feeling of the world we live in today, although this series is fun and light, “added the director.

Bunker is one of the more than one hundred productions that HBO Max develops in Latin America and will reach the streaming over the next few monthswith a total of eight episodes in which Bruno Bichir, Miguel Rodarte, Giselle Kuri, Adrián Vázquez and Antonio Gaona participate.

It is a great happiness to be part of this story. Here we go, pulling the boat together to raise the level, we appreciate that you give us the chance to experiment and go so far with this story, from our small trenches, from the complicity”, said Bruno Bichir.


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Miguel Rodarte and Bruno Bichir premiere HBO Max’s Bunker at FICG

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