Miguel Rodarte continues as ‘Zacarias’ in Los Héroes del Norte

MEXICO CITY, July 13.- The Serie The Heroes of the Northseeks to “highlight the idiosyncrasy of the Mexican”, assured the actor Miguel Rodarte, who in it, starting this Monday, will give life to zacariasin the third season and believes that his character is so relevant that he performs it without fear of being typecast.

Rodarte assured that he is not afraid of being labeled with the role he plays in the series and will continue with it because it has given projection to his career; however, at all times he is in search of histrionic versatility, both in comedy and drama.

For example, the romance and drama tape was released today I hate loveof Humberto Hinojosa Ozcarizin which he performs a character with no similarity to zacarias; The same will happen with the role that you are going to play in blacker than nightfilm whose premiere is scheduled for next August.

Even, this same year, he was invited to Chile in the film A horse called elephantto give life to a circus performer.

However, for the actor to act in The Heroes of the North“it has been a pride and a delight to participate in the series for three seasons because it has grown over time”, noting that, above all, the public has noticed the solidity that it has acquired from the premiere of the first season to date .

“The series has evolved and I have participated because one of the great qualities it has is that the public identifies with each of the characters as the romanticism of zacariaswho in addition to being passionate about singing is a policeman at the service of the citizenry,” Rodarte stressed.

The other characters who will experience endless adventures are the fakir (armando hernandez), The Botarga (Andres Almeida), The Menona (Mairius Biegai) Y Don Apollinar (Humberto Busto), all have the task of bringing families together around television, through comedy and laughter.

In this third season, elements are used that were not handled in the previous two, such as the use of 3D, in addition “comedy is almost taken to farce.”

“I think that this, until today, is the most smoked season,” the actor said, after assuring that in the face of the adventures that “The Heroes” have experienced, the viewer can expect “anything to happen.”

All the characters have the will to participate in a fourth season; However, he is aware that it is the public who will decide if this third season will surpass the previous ones, if so, it is likely that a future one can be considered.

He announced that they are already working to record an album and when this dream materializes, it is likely that live performances will come, the important thing is that each of the actors “we manage to tie the times.”

In the next episodes of this third season, which will be broadcast on open television on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m., the public will enjoy the music of “Los Héroes”, although there will also be guests such as The blue Angels, Ninel Conde Y Lizarraga Ponchoamong others.


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Miguel Rodarte continues as ‘Zacarias’ in Los Héroes del Norte

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