Miguel Rodarte joins the Mexican Red Cross

The heroes return more recharged than ever, the kickoff of the third season of the Paramedics series has already been given. Those responsible for bringing this successful project to the screens are Canal Once and Lemon Studios, with the support of the Mexican Red Cross.

Cast and production during the clapperboard. Photo: Courtesy

In this third installment there will be 10 episodes of 60 minutes each. Each episode will be directed by Fernando Rovzar, Alejandro Lozano, Álvaro Curiel and Bernardo de la Rosa.

In addition to the TUM that we know as Luis Arrieta, Marianna Burelli, Antonio Gaona, Juan Pablo Medina, Daniela Schmidt, Marco Treviño, Rocío Verdejo, Lumi Cavazos and Paloma Woolrich, Gabriela de la Garza, Rodrigo Murray and Miguel Rodarte from Sinaloa join.

After giving life to the protagonist of Macho, the culichi will approach a new character totally different from Evaristo, because here he will change fashion for ambulances and humanitarian aid.

In the series, Rodarte will play Alfonso, the new manager of the Hermes project, who will seek to get closer to Érika “La Jefa” (Rocío Verdejo), however, a political scandal could cloud that possibility.

In one of the scenes. Photo: Courtesy

For his part, Raúl (Marco Treviño) will be replaced by a new director of the Red Cross, Álvaro (Rodrigo Murray), who has a different way of doing things. While Gabriel (Antonio Gaona) and Natalia (Mariana Burelli) already live together, but each one faces their problems: a near-death experience and a legal process for homicide, let us remember that the second season ended with an end to the expectation of everybody.

Natalie and Gabriel. Photo: Courtesy

Regarding the case of Salvador (Luis Arrieta), he goes to work at a private first aid company where he has to interact with the mocking and always complicated Sebastián (Juan Pablo Medina).

Scenes from the third season. Photo: Courtesy

Finally, although Clara (Lumi Cavazos) has managed to overcome her rookie stage, her husband wants her to leave the Red Cross at all costs, which generates conflicts between the couple.

Billy Rovzar, producer of Lemon Studios, said that “when you jump off the cliff, the wings grow during the fall, and that’s what happened with ‘Paramedics,’ because it’s a production that everyone wants to be in.”

During the clapperboard that marked the start of the recording of this new season of “Paramédicos”, Jimena Saldaña, director of Canal Once, highlighted that it “mainly responds to the demand of the audience. She also -she underlined- we want to continue encouraging the promotion of the work of the Red Cross, by putting its volunteers on the screen. For us it is very important that viewers know their stories, not only as the anonymous heroes that they are, but also as human beings, in privacy.”

For her part, Liliana Aguilar, National Training Coordinator of the Red Cross, congratulated Canal Once and Lemon Studios for this new season of the series, which she predicted would be a great success on the screen, since this -she pointed out- has to do with “ the possibility of portraying the common life and personal stories of our paramedics, with great professionalism and adherence to reality. All of us at the Red Cross are in love with ‘Paramedics’, because we identify with their characters, who represent our values ​​and principles, as well as respect for life and human dignity”, she concluded.

This series has caused such a profound impact on the members of the production that some of them –such as Marianna Burelli, Rocío Verdejo and Fernando Rovzar himself– took the course that turned them into professional Paramedics of the worthy institution, to join the 43,000 volunteers who work in the country and who together, free of charge, offered last year alone 5.5 million medical services and 1.4 million ambulance services, as well as the delivery of almost 287,000 kilograms of humanitarian aid for the benefit 75 thousand 500 people, including clothing, blankets, personal hygiene kits and kitchen kits, as well as 214 thousand kilos of food.

The cast happy to work on the project. Photo: Courtesy

The third season of the saga is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018. The series, which will be recorded in high definition, will consist of three months of intense studio and location work and will be full of emotion, drama, good humor and, of course, course, heroism.

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Miguel Rodarte joins the Mexican Red Cross

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