Miguel Rodarte joins the México Vivo Foundation for the benefit of sexual health

Mexican actor Miguel Rodarte joins forces with the Mexico Vivo Foundation. On this occasion, the fundraising through an auction of plastic works on September 22, 2022 at 7:00 p.m., with pieces by renowned artists such as Carlos Mérida, José Luis Cuevas, Leonora Carrington, Pedro Friedeberg, Yvonne Domenge and more that will be exhibited at the Tamayo museum from Monday 19.

By Cecilia Morales Andere
Photos Courtesy Julio César Espinosa Carbajal

“I have known Mexico for many years. It is a foundation that has always been concerned about the sexual health of Mexicans and for many years I have collaborated with them in promoting events and in communicating what initially began as sexual education -with programs and treatments for STDs-, with the time has become a super solid foundation.” Miguel Rodarte comments.

The México Vivo Foundation raises awareness on issues of education and sexual diversity among the population of Mexico. They have pioneered HIV treatments to achieve greater accessibility.

In the words of Miguel Rodarte. “I wish the whole country could have the México Vivo Foundation as a model and lean on it to replicate it in other parts of the country, not only to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, but also to demand and create a human family that better accommodates itself on our planet. ”.

México vivo has the first free Spanish-speaking sexual education platform with courses for children between 12 and 15 years old, between 19 and 25, also for mothers, fathers, tutors, teachers or health professionals. It is a platform in conjunction with the organizations that belong to the United Nations.

In an interview with Miguel Rodarte, we learned a little more about the México Vivo Foundation and its role in society as a vehicle for education, prevention, and support for sexual health.

What challenges does the foundation face in Mexico?

First of all, I think that the work they do is very necessary in terms of emotional maturity that we need as a society. Secondly, I believe that the main challenge is to find the support and the means to be able to bring this type of education to the greatest number of people and that is why efforts are being made.

How is the fundraising for the México Vivo Foundation?

Like every year, the living art auction has already come a long way and has also earned a very important reputation within the art world for the type of artists that support and are involved with the foundation. On this occasion there are more than 123 artists who donate their work to be able to continue with all the programs.

Donations are very important and that is one of the ways in which we find the means to reach a larger number of people and larger territories.

Carlos Merida

What is the format of the 2022 Living Art auction?

To participate at the time of the auction -with limited space- it is essential that the interested party register at the email artevivo@mexicovivo.org. The godfather of honor of this year’s auction is going to be the master Federico Silva. In addition, each of the artists who are going to exhibit for four in the rooms of the Tamayo museum have a very solid track record; they are works and artists that for any serious art collector can take on a high meaning. It is also an opportunity for someone who wants to make their way in the world of art and who wants to create their own collection.

Peter Friedenberg
Peter Friedenberg

When will the 2022 Living Art auction be?

The auction takes place on September 22 at the Tamayo museum. However, the pieces have been on display since Monday the 19th and it is an essential requirement that those interested register on the Mexico Vivo platform. The more resources obtained from the auction and donations from people interested in supporting these issues, the more capacity we will have to positively influence society in relation to sexual health issues.

Jose Luis Cuevas
Jose Luis Cuevas

How does the Mexico Vivo Foundation work with patients?

The first thing is that the interested party approaches the foundation for a first orientation on how to proceed, as well as the healthiest vehicles and ways to treat each of the different diseases.

Yvonne Domenge
Yvonne Domenge

Do you think that Mexico has enough culture to address these issues?

Culturally, they are very sensitive issues and I believe that in order to have a healthy sexual body -in the country- we need an opening, also in relation to this type of issue. Currently, this bias should no longer exist. We have advanced and today, we can talk in a more accessible way about sexuality and the type of preferences.

Is there a clinic in Mexico specializing in sexual health?

Yes. It is not just a matter of attacking the transmission of sexual diseases. There are programs that are models at the Latin American level, as is the case of the Condesa specialized clinic, which hopefully will be replicated in all the states of the country because this model helps many people who are infected, but they also address sexual education in an important way. -which has to do with prevention and how you feel and the relationship with your body or issues of sexual identity.

“There is still a long way to go and a long way to go. In the Arte Vivo auction, the most exquisite of good taste is combined with some of the most important needs in the country”. Miguel Rodarte comments.

What other topics, in addition to sexually transmitted diseases, does México Vivo address?

Education is vital because beyond sexually transmitted infections, there is the situation of being able to prevent teenage pregnancy. Mexico is the first place in the world for early pregnancies, we are the first place -painfully- of victims of sexual violence in children under fourteen, we are the first place for the production of child pornography, so there are many tools that our young people need to take better decisions. It is vital that diagnoses are accurate, that there is access to timely and correct care. In this sense, we work in both face-to-face and virtual modalities, with a community center in which we attend, provide therapy, counseling, orientation, carry out diagnostic tests for infections and support during the process.

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Miguel Rodarte joins the México Vivo Foundation for the benefit of sexual health

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