Miguel Rodarte shows the delicacies of Mexico through his distillates

It all started in a bar in the Roma neighborhood in CDMX when the actor Miguel Rodarte met with the producer Lalo Valenzuela and between some drinks he invited him to participate in a travel program where he would visit some destinations where the different Mexican distillates are made and, at the same time, taste the best of local food, cocktails, as well as promote the cultural and tourist wealth of the place.

An offer that the actor The Tiger of Santa Julia could not reject and the result was Distilling Mexicoa series of six chapters that you can enjoy for Amazon-Prime what takes you to know the best of our drinks touring unimaginable corners. In this quarantine, the series reaches its second season and that is why Miguel Rodarte tells us about his experience as a traveler and what you will see in these new episodes.

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did you expect that Distilling Mexico had such a positive response?
— We had never done a program like this and we were nervous because we didn’t know if it would work, if it would flow well. Part of the philosophy we had was to visit those places where distillates are made and at the same time find places to eat, that is, a kitchen with all the traditional roots, the one that also turns it around and turns it into signature cuisine, as we did in Toluca, at chef Pablo Salas’s Amaranta restaurant, who uses very particular ingredients from the region to create exquisite dishes that are a delight and that any restaurant in the world would like.

The chapters are very short, how was that format chosen?
— We found a fairly agile and light format because in a compressed time you know a lot. We did very well by the public in the first season, so much so that We are presenting the second one and we did it with the same passion and enthusiasm to show the delicacies that our country has so that we fall in love and feel proud of what we have, in addition to walking through various places in Mexico.

What distillates do you present?
— We are more familiar with tequila and mezcal, but through the chapters you will learn about the regions where other distillates are made, such as Chihuahua that has the Sotol; Sonora, the Bacanora; in Michoacán, the Charanda; Jalisco has one called Raicilla, plus traditional liquors that are made from corn such as Pox, which are making their way. The program shows that there is a global tendency to want to try spirits with regional food, to feel that connection with the flavor or local roots.

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In the series you visit places that have been branded as unsafe, what was your impression when visiting them?
— Fear should not be a factor that governs our lives, I do not like that it distances us from things, when we visit places I treat people with respect, always maintaining cordiality, I do not get into trouble, and it is also nice that it is actor. In that sense, we managed to get in and out of some places that don’t have the best reputation for safety but believe me we didn’t have a single problem, people treated us wonderfully, opened doors for us, I was impressed with the warmth and hospitality of people across the country. The Mexican is a noble and affectionate person who really cares that you live a good experience when you are in his land. I think that if there is something wonderful about our nation, in addition to its landscapes, food, spirits, it is its people and that makes it an unrepeatable, unique and wonderful country, that is why we will always say that as Mexico there are not two.

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What you will see in distilling Mexico during its second season

Rodarte starts off on the right foot touring his hometown of Culiacán trying the best seafood in Mexico and exotic regional sushi.

Mexico state
You will start by stimulating your senses in one of the best Mexican cuisine restaurants, you will fly paragliding and end at the Abasolo Whiskey distillery.

A very special dinner awaits you with great friends, artists and gastronomes, the opportunity to discover the most extravagant side of San Miguel de Allende.

Between the desert and the spectacular Sea of ​​Cortez, you will learn the secrets of the production of Bacanora 42, a distillate that embraces your soul with each sip.

Miguel travels to the birthplace of tequila to learn how this traditional drink is made. Here you will discover different categories and particularities of this distillate.

Close with a flourish visiting this historic state to rediscover the importance of corn in Mexican cuisine, architecture and the origin of the famous Charanda.

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Miguel Rodarte shows the delicacies of Mexico through his distillates

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