Miguel Rodarte takes us on a tour of Mexican mixology and gastronomy in this new season – Spoiler Time

After a successful and fascinating first season, Miguel Rodarte come back with Distilling Mexicoa serial that will take us through the best of mixology and gastronomy in Mexico revealing some of the best kept secrets in the country and visiting unique places that will take you to a point like no other. During 6 episodes of twenty minutes, Roll you will bring us closer to a spiritual course in the states of Sinaloa, sound, Michoacan, Jalisco, Guanajuato and the Mexico state.

We talked about this new adventure with him, and this is what he told us.

We had already had the experience of a first season, a very rich one to do. For those who are not very familiar with the subject, this is a travel program that takes a tour of different parts of the Mexican Republic and each destination is a place where a Mexican distillate is produced. Last season the criteria for the selection was a bit based on the earthquake that had just happened; we decided to choose states that were most affected to promote tourism a little. For this second installment we decided to include other types of raw materials that move away from agave distillate. If you remember, in the first season only one program was not dedicated to agave distillation, this time we decided to make 50% dedicated to agave and another 50% not dedicated to agave. So we are going to see drinks that are not 100% typical of Mexico, for example in Michoacán we will see the famous Charanda Michoacana that comes from a cane that grows in very high places, in the mountains. It is a very different cane from the tropical one where the rums and this Charanda come from. This Mexican distillate has been made for a long time, several generations have made it. The State of Mexico is another of the places where there was no agave distillate; We went to look for the famous Abasolo whiskey plant, which has a touch of corn in addition to all the wood.

— Miguel Rodarte

In this second season Miguel decides to start with his home state, Sinaloain which he will take us on a journey of incomparable landscapes, exquisite traditional cuisine and a unique mixology, with a traditional sake but with a Mexican heart.

“I decided to visit my home state, Sinaloa, and start this adventure in Culiacan that it was something I really wanted to do to show them the beauties, the wonders and the delights of this state. There, a liquor is made that is made from rice, which is traditional Japanese sake, one with a lot of recognition called Sake Nami. From Sinaloa we went up to sound, where they produce Bacanora, which is a distillate of agave, one that has very powerful notes of earth and is very aromatic, it is even widely used in cooking. It’s a delight. we were also in Tequila, Jalisco, because last season we were in Los Altos Jalisco; from there we went to Guanajuatospecifically to San Miguel de Allende where some of the best tequilas are produced, Tequila Dragons. So this season we diversify the raw material a lot”, he explains. Miguel in relation to the route of this season.

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We visit sites that have a reputation for danger zones. By taking certain security measures, we do not allow fear to paralyze us. The point is to discover how beautiful and beautiful each of these places is. In addition, the people are incredible, they welcome you happily and with more than open arms. In the end we moved with absolute and complete freedom. At all times, wherever we go as a team in general we are people who treat everyone with respect. On one occasion I remember that we were looking for a person with whom we had arranged to see each other, who was going to take us to ride around the blue agave crops there by Tequila, and we did not give; we passed and we arrived at a very remote place where there were some armed people and others but well, we were very respectful and asked them if that was the area; they told us no. I really don’t know why they had weapons and so on, I didn’t want to find out more. At no time did I feel threatened when traveling through the country, at no time did I feel afraid. It also has a lot to do with how you approach other people. People in Mexico in general are very noble, very affectionate, very warm, great hosts, very hospitable and their hearts are happy when they receive you, they go out of their way to show you the wonders of each place so you can leave there with an experience that marks you. in a positive way, that you live a positive experience that marks you.

— Miguel Rodarte

Unlike the first season which aired on sony channelthis second premiered directly on the platform of Amazon Prime Video.

“I’m a big fan of amazon. I think that today we have also realized the importance that digital platforms have achieved in our lives and now with confinement I think that precisely all these options have become our window to the world along with all social networks. At the time, when we premiered the first season in sony channel, it was also very important to be there: pay television has a very active market. However, it is not that wide. What we also discovered is that digital media and digital platforms have made their way in the last year in Mexico enormously, so when amazon He made us the proposal that we go ahead with the program and that they promised that we would take it out, we finished it with them, we accepted and we were very happy”, he comments Roll you and clarifies that you can also find the first season in Prime Video.

I believe that both the world of beverages and the world of Mexican cuisine are making their way globally and are evolving towards a much more contemporary interpretation. We all give to the roots and we all have a tradition in the kitchen; Each region has its beginning, its history to prepare the cuisine, and from there they elaborate a signature cuisine or begin to give it a personal identity. In the case of distillates, an interest in them had already been aroused worldwide, for drinks that have an authentic origin, a very real one, a local one that has a particular flavor to the land from which each one of them comes. And if we have something in Mexico, it is precisely that: great distillates, ancient, that preserve that flavor of the land of each of the places where they are produced. Mixology is making its way very strongly in Mexico. Suddenly it is very important to take a look at Mexico, as a country. We ourselves have a very deteriorated vision of Mexico due to the media, due to the situation, due to everything that happens, but the reality of things is that we Mexicans form a people that gives everything, that we like to enjoy, that we really like the food, our drinks, that we live in love with our way of being, our traditions and, of course, our distillates. I think it is important to take a look at those things that make us up, that belong to us, that are great, that are a source of pride for Mexicans and that achieve great fascination for those who look from outside.

— Miguel Rodarte

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Miguel Rodarte takes us on a tour of Mexican mixology and gastronomy in this new season – Spoiler Time

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