Miguel Rodarte will have a 2022 film and television premiere

Visiting Culiacán for family matters, Sinaloan actor Miguel Rodarte shared for Noroeste that he is working on a new series, of which he omitted details, only to say that it will be released on HBO Max.

“This series is a mega-production that is being produced locally in the city of Monterrey, and its release date is still unknown. What they have already announced is that in April, the new movie called And how is he? in which I participate together with Omar Chaparro, Zuria Vega, and Mauricio Ochmann, where I have a special participation”, expressed Rodarte.

He also shared that last year he also recorded the movie Tequila repasado, which was filmed with the performances of Ludwika Paleta, Sebastián Zurita, Paulina Gaytán, El diablito Barrientos, among others.

“This year has been great for me, because another egg story is about to be released, where I lend my voice to one of the characters in the animated film, they are going to laugh a lot, I assure you.”

The protagonist of films such as Rescuing Soldier Pérez (2011), El tigre de Santa Julia (2002) and Macho (2026) shared that he is also working on projects as an environmentalist, looking for forums to start the conversation about what it can be done to form society, companies, and politics, jointly creating actions around caring for the environment, an issue that is of paramount importance to humanity.

“Regarding the environmental issue, I am working with my production company to make a documentary in Baja California, but it is still in the development stage, because I am part of a group of environmentalists, who have the objective of changing consciousness about the proposals that they bring, to make them known, the organization is called Vote for the climate”.

He said that soon the organization will launch an empowerment campaign, where the proposal is that everyone chooses how to live, becoming aware of what they want to contribute for the good of the planet.

“Thank God, even with a pandemic, confined at home I did not stop working, I had the opportunity to record an audiobook, from the book The Four Agreements, by the writer Miguel Ángel Ruiz, and which can already be obtained through Amazon, we continue filming Bunker which is broadcast on HBO Max, another of the series in which I am participating, recording it under extreme health conditions.

Another of the series in which he is participating is the so-called The Envoysalong with Luis Gerardo Méndez, and Miguel Ángel Silvestre, a thriller series that follows the story of two priests from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith who arrive in Mexico as envoys from the Vatican in order to verify an alleged miraculous healing of another priest who has mysteriously disappeared.

Rodarte stressed that platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, among others that have been encouraged to create film projects, test people who really have a passion for watching movies, used to doing it in front of a big screen, to see it today in front of the television. and from the comfort of your home.

“The cinema experience can never be replaced, I think that having the great privilege of being able to go and enjoy a good movie on the big screen does not change anyone, today due to sanitary conditions the public stops a bit, but sooner or later. Soon the movie theaters will be full again, ”said the actor.

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Miguel Rodarte will have a 2022 film and television premiere

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