Mireia Torres, director of Jean Leon, stars in the first ‘Dialogues’ of Guardians of the Landscape of Suterra

Suterra, a leading pest biocontrol company, launches Guardians of the Landscape ‘Dialogues’, a new dissemination space on sustainable agriculture. In this first installment, Mireia Torres, director of the Jean Leon winery, talks with Carolina Maset, International Brand Manager of Suterra about the pioneering initiatives that they are carrying out in their vineyards to preserve the Penedès landscape.

Suterra is the pioneer company in the production of pheromones for pest control in agriculture. In its desire to disseminate agricultural practices that are respectful of the environment, it launches a new space for shared knowledge, ‘Dialogues’, as part of its Guardians of the Landscape initiative.

The first conversation is led by Mireia Torres, director of Jean Leon who, together with Carolina Maset, International Brand Manager of Suterra, have addressed current issues on new ways of practicing viticulture. “We are glad to see Guardianes del Paisaje grow. Within the framework of this initiative we open ‘Dialogues’, a proposal for shared knowledge for the current changing context in which we must adapt to climate change. Our purpose is to make the knowledge and know-how of those who are firmly committed to production that respects the environment available to the entire agricultural sector”, explains Carolina Maset.

Mireia Torres has dedicated her entire career to innovation in the world of oenology and viticulture. She is the director of Jean Leon and also the director of the innovation and knowledge area at Familia Torres. In these dialogues, she talks about the work carried out in Jean Leon and how they are adapting to face climate change to maintain the legacy of the Penedès landscape, one of the leading and pioneering wine-producing areas of our country.

Jean Leon stands out for practicing organic viticulture for 15 years and now, together with other wineries of the Torres Family, it has started an agricultural plan to apply the regenerative agriculture model. His goal is to reach a new balance based on increasing biodiversity and organic matter naturally, enhancing the role of vineyards as carbon sinks.

In the face of the climate emergency, a change in the agricultural model is needed that also changes the way of understanding the relationship with the land. The Jean Leon vineyards do not use insecticides to control pests such as the cluster moth, they use Suterra’s Puffer ®. “Male disruption with pheromones is a very natural way to practically eliminate the incidence of a pest that affects grapes without leaving any kind of residue and in a very sustainable way,” says Mireia Torres during the conversation.

Jean Leon is the first protagonist of this space, but Suterra will continue to disseminate through these dialogues the work of farmers who are committed to an activity that looks to the future with responsibility and respect for the environment. “I feel very lucky to be able to enjoy this landscape every day when I come to work. All Penedès winegrowers, in one way or another, are guardians of this landscape” says Mireia Torres.

“We want to recognize the work of a winery that remains faithful to the philosophy of its founder Jean Leon, who entrusted his legacy to the Torres Family and who is committed to innovation in his wines to continue making history. The positive impact that their vineyards have on the Penedès landscape distinguishes them as Guardians of the Landscape” concludes Carolina Maset. A little history

Jean Leon (Santander 1928) was the founder of the winery 60 years ago (actually his name was Ceferino Carrión). He stowed away in the US and ended up running one of the most exclusive restaurants in Beverly Hills, La Scala. He became close friends with Hollywood stars like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. In the 1960s he invested his fortune in making wine and decided that Torrelavit, in the Penedès, was the ideal place to start this adventure. Thus begins the history of this prestigious winery that in 1994 Jean Leon himself, already ill, bequeathed to the Torres Family to ensure its continuity.

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Mireia Torres, director of Jean Leon, stars in the first ‘Dialogues’ of Guardians of the Landscape of Suterra

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