Morgan Freeman tells how to escape from prison

One of Morgan Freeman’s most famous films is Escape Dreams, a prison drama written by Stephen King. and that tells the story of a man who is taken to prison and patiently plans his escape from the place. In that 1994 production, the American actor played Ellis Boyd, the protagonist’s best friend.

now that topic reappears, but with the documentary series Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman, from the History channelin which he narrates some of the most famous escapes in the world and describes each step of the unusual plans that led to his escape from a prison.

You get a sense of how dedicated, how brave, and how resourceful people can be in desperate situations.

“You get a sense of how dedicated, how brave and how resourceful people can be in desperate situations. If you tell me that you put a person in a situation of impossible escape and he escapes. My greatest interest is how he did it,” Freeman explained in an interview to which EL TIEMPO had access.

details count

“We’re going to give you step by step, the details of what they did from almost moment to moment, day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year. Breaking out of a maximum security prison is probably one of the most bold than humans can afford. And the amount of ingenuity, the amount of courage, the amount of perseverance, of sticking to an activity that it takes to do something like that, is probably one of the most fascinating things about human nature. to stay locked up in prison,” stressed the actor and producer of Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman, which premieres on April 10 at 9:50 p.m.

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What Freeman is clear about is that the production seeks to tell stories, to relive moments of something that “anyone cannot do. There aren’t that many people with the audacity, or the intelligence, or the wit. I, for example, in a situation like that would never dream of trying to do it.

The first episode focuses on the escape of Chapo Guzmánone of the Mexican kingpins who pulled off audacious escapes from maximum-security prisons in Mexico and now remains in a maximum-security US prison.

One of the stories is related to the Alcatraz jailbreak.

“El Chapo had a lot of money to squander and that money was used to build the tunnell. That money also allowed them to use GPS positioning to locate themselves in the right spot under the prison so they could get right inside their cell. A lot of money. That’s different than just doing it on your own, from the inside,” says Morgan Freeman.

For him, one of the most impressive stories of the production is that of the Dannemora tunnels, in which two men serving life sentences in a prison used their knowledge of engineering and psychological manipulation of several prison employees, to plan an unprecedented escape.

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Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman

The production offers recreations of the escape plans.

“I think we need a place to house people, let me put it that way, who are unsociable; because the criminal mind is above all antisocial. But I don’t know, uYou know what prisons are, and correctional facilities. They are punishment. If you do something bad you will be punished, you will pay for it. And you will lose your freedom, you will lose privileges as a free human being. Well, I think we need it. It is misused, but what is not? ”, Ends the 84-year-old actor, who as a curious fact, his last name (Freeman) in Spanish translates as free man.


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Morgan Freeman tells how to escape from prison

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