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Be like the tough and cold nameless protagonist of the dollar Trilogy, by Sergio Leone; as cowboy William “Will” Munny, in The unforgivables (1992); or like the photographer Robert Kincaid, of The bridges of Madison (nineteen ninety five), Clinton “Clint” Eastwood Jr. has built a legendary career in Hollywood as both an actor and a director.

Born on May 31, 1930, in San Francisco, California, the truth is that he shows no signs of wanting to get off the road. In 2021, he premiered as a director the praised film cry male, which he also starred in. On the occasion, she played a former rodeo rider who lives a story of love and danger after agreeing to capture a teenager in Mexico. Previously, in 2019 he premiered as a director Richard Jewell (although he did not act) and in 2018 two films: The Mule (where he played Earl Stone, a veteran of the Korean War) and 15:17 Train to Pariswhere he only directed.

Clint Eastwood in Cry Macho.

Also, Eastwood has received significant recognition for his work. The living room of his house is decorated with the 1993 Oscar Award for The unforgivablesin the categories of Best Director and Best Picture (and was also nominated for Best Actor, but lost to the intractable Al Pacino of Women perfume). Furthermore, he repeated the achievement in 2005, when she received two statuettes for million dollar Baby (Best Picture and Best Director, and lost again as Best Actor, against Jamie Foxx and his role in the Ray Charles biopic). This in addition to three Golden Globes.

Of course, a long career has more striking moments than others. In Cult we consulted a group of specialists in the seventh art about what is their favorite moment in the career of old Clint.

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Clint Eastwood opposite Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby.

the film critic Ana Josepha Silva comments, “I’m a huge Clint fan!!! Since bird (1988) onwards, it is not wasted. My favorites are what I call the trilogy of guilt and (not) redemption, because it is what goes through those three tragedies: Mystic River (2003), million dollar Baby (2004) and Great Turin (2008)”.

For his part, the film critic for La Tercera, Rodrigo Gonzalez, He assures: “I always had a special appreciation for the Clint Eastwood of the 80s, because he is the one I first met. I think between the mid-’80s and early ’90s he made his best movies. That is, between The Pale Riderfrom 1985, and The unforgivablesfrom 1992. The one I like the most is White hunter, black heart (1990), where he plays a film director who wants to hunt an elephant and delays the shooting of his own film in Africa. It’s the 1950s, and the film is actually Eastwood’s own version of what the filming of The African Queen (1951), by John Huston. Clint is Huston and he almost doesn’t look like Eastwood: he speaks with a British accent and manners, cites passages from high culture and engages in a combo fight where he is knocked out on the fourth punch of his rival. He had never seen Eastwood lose in a melee and I don’t think he ever played someone so eccentric and at the same time so upright and proud. The illuminating detail is that the fight was because John Wilson – as Eastwood’s character is called – did not tolerate a six-foot white man hitting a black servant on the ground.

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Clint Eastwood in White Hunter, Black Heart.

from your gate, Antonella Estevezfilm critic and editor at indicates: “I would say that The unforgivables it’s my favorite. It seems to me that there he brilliantly converges the tradition of the American western with the entire school of spaghetti westerns of which he was a fundamental part. Themes that he will later develop in more depth in his subsequent films, such as duty, revenge and bonds, are already presented there, also brilliantly from the audiovisual point of view”.

He also thinks Rodrigo Munizagafilm critic for Cult and Radio Usach: “Among a dozen of Clint Eastwood’s masterpieces, my favorite film of his is A perfect world. She made it the year after winning her first Oscar, for The unforgivablesand had as its protagonist a Kevin Costner who had just triumphed at the box office with The bodyguard. But it did very poorly at box offices in the US and somewhat better in the rest of the world. It is a very intimate film, focused on just two characters, a road movie that condenses one of the great themes of Eastwood’s filmography as a director: fatherhood. Costner gives the best performance of his career, as a criminal who escapes from prison and takes hostage an 8-year-old boy who has grown up without a father. Between the two, who are traveling on the road, a father-son relationship is formed that reaches an exciting, painful and growing end, both for the fictional boy and for one as a spectator. One of those few movies that change your life.

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Clint Eastwood with Laura Dern in A Perfect World.

Another close to the seventh art is Hector Sotoa columnist for Culto Domingo, who points out: “The unforgivables, for me it was a very important turning point, partly because it unfolds in the western, which is the quintessential American genre. That’s the movie of his that moved me the most, but I also liked it a lot Great Turin. I like the fact that Clint Eastwood aged his characters as he entered more and more twilight.”

“Another grace that Clint Eastwood has is that he closely followed the legacy of John Ford, in order to continue American history -adds Soto-. He got into the war, into the problems of contemporary America, into the issue of immigrants, into religious things, with politically correct thinking.”

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Clint Eastwood in The Unforgivables.

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