Neal Adams, legend of the comics industry, dies at 80

Neal Adams, the legendary comic book artist recognized for his career at DC Comics and Marvel Comics, has passed away.

neal adamsthe comic book creator who helped spark big changes in the industry, has died at the age of 80.

According The Hollywood Reporter, Adams died on April 28 in New York of sepsis.. He is survived by his wife of 45 years, Marilyn Adams; sons Josh, Jason and Joel; daughters Kris and Zeea; grandchildren, Kelly, Kortney, Jade, Sebastian, Jane, and Jaelyn; and great-grandson Maximus. “It wasn’t until I sat at convention tables alongside the very people I would see my father treated with such reverence that I understood: He was his father, too,” Josh Adams said in a statement. «The most undeniable quality of Neal Adams was the one I had known about him all my life: he was a father, not just my father, but a father to all who would come to know him

Neal Adams, the legend of superhero comics

After graduating from high school in 1959, Neal Adams started working for Archie Comics. The 1960s saw him work on Ben Caseya comic book series based on the medical drama series of the same name. In the late 1960s, Adams came to DC and began work on titles like Action Comics #356 and Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane #79.

During his time in DCNeal Adams helped create and introduce a number of characters. He is known for his iconic Batman run with writer Dennis O’Neil.which raised the character with a darker tone compared to the television series starring Adam West. While working on the series, Adams went on to introduce a host of new Batman characters that fans now know and love, including the Man-Bat, Ra’s al Ghul and his daughter, Talia al Ghul.. Likewise, Adams also renewed Green Lantern and Green Arrow with O’Neil. The two debuted with Jon Stewart for the first time in Green Lantern #87 from 1972.

Adams also worked for Marvel Comics in the late ’60s and ’70s on titles like X Men, avengers and more. In 1984, Adams founded his own publishing house, Continuity Comics (also known as Continuity Publishing). Said publisher is known for presenting more courageous comics compared to the conventional ones, Continuity Comics had several titles, including Armor, toy boy, Echo of Futurepast and more.

In addition to being a huge influence on many creators, Adams changed the comics industry, as he was a strong advocate for creators’ rights who helped Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster gain pensions and recognition for creating DC’s Superman character.

Helped Stan Lee create the Academy of Comic Book Arts in the 1970s and became president of the organization, which was designed to fight for the creative rights of writers and artists. “My father was a force,” Josh Adams commented. “His career was defined by an unparalleled artistic talent and an unwavering character that led him to constantly fight for his peers and those in need of him. He would be known in the comic industry as one of the most influential creators of all time and a defender of social rights and creators.. When he saw a problem, she did not hesitate ».

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Neal Adams, legend of the comics industry, dies at 80

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